Tuesday, March 11, 2014

BFF Best Friends Forever

This meaningful article was shared by Rambo's best buddy PA one morning, I gave him a 'Like' and a good sign to fully support it. Then I forward to Rambo's Family and my family group, Rambo's sis Toto also gave a 'Like'. I'm not that kinda person who stays very attached with my Iphone because of the bad radiation. I can live without it for days esp. 8 days holiday in China. No wifi, I can live without it unlike Rambo and my sis Defney, everywhere they go they need wifi service like oxygen. Sis Toto also knew about this as we prefer to talk and laugh for 3 days 2 nights without holding the phone in our hands, and we prefer to communicate face to face with each other.  

Rambo never really speaks much with anyone else except with me so he rather occupied himself with chanting 'Amituofo' prayers, watching movie or learning from Buddhism video that he would share with me during dinner's time. Rambo's good buddies also always organised gathering 'Chui Shui', blow water in Chinese means talk and chat more suitable for men who love sharing their thoughts, 'Wai Shui Ye'(heroic stories of them) and their alter ego stories. Usually Rambo doesn't join the gathering much as he don't speak much, he only enjoys sipping coffee latte with me at Coffee Bean. 

That's why that day TW said, "Wah, Rambo is now very Hang Fook liao" because Rambo really know how to enjoy life now. Before this, he'll never spend RM14 for a Mocha as he came from a humble beginning like all of them. I remember my friend Tony told me also last time, his mom grumbled at him for bringing her to enjoy a RM10 coffee, waste of money. He replied her once in awhile only and he only come to Coffee Bean because I enjoy taking it. To them, RM10 and above for a cup of coffee is way too much. But for me, it's an enjoyment you cannot describe how satisfied I am when I'm enjoying it for both hot and cold ones. Everytime I treat my mom Mocha, she enjoys it too but she'll never spend RM14 for a cup of coffee also.   

Well, I guess everyone have their own preferences way of spending their money. Just like my best friend Jos, she would save all her money for shopping only but won't spend a dime on food for sure. When I was enjoying my lunch at this lovely Italian Cafe ordering Spaghetti and Lavazza Coffee in Cronulla Mall, she didn't order anything so I just share my food with her. And I ate all the time so during afternoon break I dine at the Miss Maud, the famous Australian Cafe that served good Apple Strudels, really yummy lot. Her aunt brought us there one day, we love the food there. I don't mind to share my food with others as I enjoy sharing the joys, love and care. 

Nowadays as days goes by, years to years my dear Charmers are growing up now, they told me everything about their feelings, opinions and thoughts every Saturday. And I can obviously share my thoughts with them also, and even my problems like one missing tooth due to aging. Haha...Rambo and my sis have lost 4 teeth respectively but I thought I lost one is like coming to the end of the world already. LeAnne taught me to twist and turn it gently, it will get loose and be gone permanently. Even last Saturday during dinner, all my Charmers and I shared our thoughts on the MH370 case that I trust they are mature enough to understand, talk about the weird incident and they did.  

All this cute pictures were created by LeAnne for me and sent to me for my safekeeping. Haha...I laugh out loud when I see it as she really take the initiative to create the Pisces Star for me and she always told me we're best friends forever that I totally agreed. In fact, I told her before she came into my life, Ahboy my Scorpion brother was very attached to me before he gets married with Kam. We just clicked and can be very crazy, madly, deeply pairing each other in Badminton, games and life. Now, it's LeAnne's turn who always send me wazzapp with cute cartoons and lovely messages that melt my heart away. 

Even the last two weeks when I was playing Mahjong with my mom and sis, she created a cute Mahjong picture of 3 of us together and she showed it to me. I was laughing out really loud and so my sis asked me, "What is it?" I asked LeAnne to show it to her mom, who's sitting next to me on my left. My sis said, "Not nice leh me, take it again". Then I replied her, "Just now, she wana take one new picture of yours you said don't want so she just took your old picture. She comb her hair nicely and took another picture again. My mom also thought she looks horrible so LeAnne created a new cartoon for us that's finally been settled.      

Haha...really beh tahan them, I never have any problem with my picture as I think natural shot is always better because it looks exactly like me without any makeup. Most important thing is the kind thoughts of LeAnne creating it for us and she even told me, this is the real one as we're all playing Mahjong unlike the morning one, LeAnne created for YIng Shan, Lynette and both of us the 4 BFFs together. Haha..."True", I replied her. This Fire Dragon of me is like a real reflection of who I am actually, as Rambo always mentioned to me that although he's a roaring Tiger but he's still afraid of this Fire Dragon when she gets real mad. 

Life is fair. I'm nice to everyone but just don't step on my Dragon tail as I would surely confronting you for the truth. I can be compassionate and understanding, but if you're going over the board I will definitely reject you totally out of my life as I only wana live life peacefully and blissfully. I would never hurt or harm you in anyway, but if you did I always believe in Karma that will take its place for me. To my dear Charmers, I never raise my voice to them because they're very obedient girls and they always listen to me without failed. 

Just last Saturday, Evelyn told me Lynette was very attached to me and I told her, "Yea, she really know how to melt my heart away. I took good care of her since she was a baby." Actually, I love all 3 of them equally. I believe in what goes around comes around. How you treat others, they treat you the same way too.Haha... although they're kids but they're sure growing up real fast and the way they talked with me right now, I cannot believe they have that kinda outstanding wisdom I can learn from them too. We definitely learn much from each other and I'm glad we really treasure each other like the golden rare pearls. 

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