Friday, March 28, 2014

Marching March...

How do you commensurate the value of a facial spa worth RM600, just like I always asked how much should the company pay me when I joined their team? My new friend who had just won the Monz Spa Facial RM600 and Celmonze Skincare worth about RM1000 together with me, she's feeling totally on top of the world that afternoon at the VIP Hi-Tea MIJF. She told me she never win anything so big like this and she felt so happy about it. Obviously, I'm happy for her as I can feel her overjoyed happiness and she asked to take pictures with me here. Haha...and so I asked Rambo to take for us, we took many pictures here and wazzapp each other pictures for personal keeping. 

I remember my last most expensive facial pampering was at Bella Skincare Centre, RM500 for Caviar Facial which I had signed two times of facial packages with them in my 20's to 30's. I love their treatments and services, I met many wealthy Datin and rich,wealthy women doing their facial treatments here. We actually enjoyed the professional ambience here where they never pushed us into purchasing products most of the time and the treatment is one of the best treatment I have enjoyed so far, even till today in my beauty history. 

I know it's expensive but I think it's worth every penny that I have paid for over the years when I was there, as when they invited me for the 1st time spa, they provide me full complimentary treatment without asking me to pay anything in extra. No money involved, no money talk and no pushing that I decided to sign up the same spa treatment package offered to me that day as they're honest in their offer and I like to commit myself for professional service treatment with one beauty salon in the long run.  Back to the Monz Spa story, after my yummy lunch nearby at DU last Sunday, I stopped by here and my facial therapist told me that this luxury treatment cost RM600.

They have 16 other types of Celmonze signature treatments provided at the spa. I did a few of them in the last few years, but I really don't remember much details about them anymore. I do enjoy my facial spa here before, but this RM600 Caviar Spa Treatment was kinda special because all the steps from Peeling to the mask treatment, they use everything was all about Caviar of Caviar Cream Mask for massage and final Caviar Double Mask, they really use a whole box set of Caviar Concentrate, Caviar Serum and Caviar Mask intensive treatment for me, just like the Bella Skincare Centre.  

Rambo asked me how do I feel after the 2 hours spa facial as he can see that my face really glowing with natural radiance on my face without any face powder to cover my flaws. I told him, "So nice with luxury Caviar products and so relaxing that I wana fall asleep liao!" We went for my usual shopping trip at One Utama to beat my weekly shopaholic mood before our usual weekend indulgence at Coffee Bean for my favourite Mocha. Then, we continue with the spa pampering topic during our non-stop chatty moments. 

He told me it's good that I enjoyed my spa so he's gonna work harder each day in order for me to enjoy great spa every week. Haha..."Tq Pi, I really appreciates you said that as I really enjoy spa pampering and I wish to enjoy this kinda luxury treatment whenever I can." I'm grateful to the person who called me for this lucky draw win, because of her I got to enjoy this beautiful spa. Actually I met a few friends here during the MIJF Fair and they even told me that they saw my pictures from Bulletin. They even asked me about the event when they met me recently, I told them all about it. 

Haha...Yea, I told them I was there but it was never a plan to be there, it was such a co-incidence I was supposed to attend Joey Yap Conference that afternoon but then my sms reminded me about the MIJF event. So I went to register, collect the gift on my way and they invited me for the VIP Hi-Tea to enjoy the fashion show which I went and won. I was so surprised by the 1st calling my lucky number, feeling so happy about it and friends around me were then were rooting for the nice hamper. We enjoyed the hotel food, beverages and having a great time chatting the hours away with so much laughters. That's what really matters to us, togetherness without a bit of jealousy feeling between us.

Rambo even said, "You women really know how to enjoy life" as we even tried on the thousand dollars jewellery on our hands, talking about jewellery and took many pictures with it. That's life, embrace every happy moments with people along the way, make new friends but never forget the old, good ones and always be nice as the good vibes will be attracted to you naturally for sure. Before you can afford to love and empower the others, you yourself need to learn how to love yourself, to be able to express yourself before you can bless the others, so trust yourself you can do it honestly as happiness truly radiates from within!      

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