Monday, March 31, 2014

Marine Elements™ New Norwegian Marine Based Technology - For Dry and Problem Skin

~Marine Elements™ offers faster rejuvenation and long-lasting moisturizing~

As an exciting addition to the Malaysian skincare market, Marine Elements™ features a dermatologically-tested line of products with active ingredients derived from clean marine sources from Europe. Made especially for dry and eczema-prone skin, Marine Elements™ is more than just regular topical skin care, as the “Dry Skin Management System” features a Body Wash, Body Lotion and Intensive Cream. 

Featuring the patented ‘Zonase X™’, this active ingredient contains natural proteins and enzymes derived from the hatching fluid of salmon eggs sourced from the pure waters of Norway, and has been extensively researched and developed in cooperation with Norwegian Universities. The fish hatchlings remain unharmed in the eco-friendly process of extracting the enzyme.

Zonase X™ was first discovered at a fish hatchery in Norway, where it was reported that hatchery staff members began to observe surprisingly smooth hands, despite immersing their hands in intensely cold water for long periods of time. The smooth skin was in fact due to the enzyme in the water secreted by fish larvae inside the egg just prior to hatching. Further research revealed that the egg shells had a protein similar to that of human skin protein, therefore granting the hatchery staff the soft and smooth skin.

The defining benefit of Zonase X™ is its effective micro-exfoliation. Zonase X™ ingredient targets only the scaffolding between dead skin cells, allowing a very gentle exfoliation of the skin surface without causing inflammation. This new and natural ingredient is scientifically proven to accelerate new skin cell growth. Finally, its skin moisturizing properties delivers results that include a healthier, strengthened and rejuvenated skin surface.

By combining marine technology and skincare science, the non-steroidal, hypoallergenic and paraben-free product range by Marine Elements™ is formulated to help improve skin conditions by regenerating fresh skin cells and providing a protective skin barrier.  Marine Elements™ is the perfect solution to help relieve skin against moisture loss due to conditions such as harsh weather or dry temperatures, as well as to calm inflamed skin whilst leaving a protective barrier on its surface. Best of all, the skincare range is suitable for all skin types and can even be applied on babies and toddlers.

                 Andrew Wong; Managing Director of Ecobrands Ltd, Hong Kong
   Aileen Chan; CEO of LiveLife Sdn Bhd Josie Foster; UK-based 
   Speaker and Chartered Chemist launching the new products.

Present at the Kuala Lumpur of launch of Marine Elements™, was UK-based Formulator and Chartered Chemist Josie Foster, who shared some insights regarding the benefits and advantages of the advanced skincare range: “The formula of Marine Elements helps to significantly improve the appearance of dry and problem skin prone to itchy, irritating and inflamed conditions, and offers effective and long-lasting moisturisation,” explained Ms Foster. 

For those who would like to benefit from the breakthrough formula, Josie recommends using the Body Wash for cleansing, applying the Body Lotion just after drying for maintenance, and using the Intensive Cream on problem areas. Also present at the launch was Aileen Chan, CEO of LiveLife Sdn Bhd as distributor of Marine Elements™ in Malaysia; and Andrew Wong, Managing Director of Ecobrands (Hong Kong) Ltd, as brand principal of Marine Elements™.

Marine Elements™ is priced at RM65.00 for Body Wash (500ml), RM67.50 for Body Lotion (200ml) and RM78.50 for Intensive Cream (50ml). The formula is suitable for all skin types, and is available at selected pharmacies as well as via For more information about Marine Elements skincare range, browse over to


  1. wow looks like a great product I can't wait to try!
    haha it's better if they give out sample sachet to try before purchasing....aren't they?
    coz I need a very moisturizing body wash but buying a big bottle for rm65 might be a waste for me later if not suitable

    p/s:long time no see you in event already ^^

    1. It's suitable for all skin type esp.for those having skin problems. Wait for the product review blog real soon. Yea, I only attend those events when I have completed my projects. Will see you soon someday, somewhere. Take good care!