Tuesday, March 4, 2014

HENKEL Innovation Challenge Semi-Final

Jury members;
1.      Mr. Tan Hock Guan (Jury representative), President of Henkel Malaysia. 
2.      Mr. Seah Kian-Hoe, Founder and Managing Director of Heng Hiap Industries Sdn. Bhd. 
3.      Mr. Ben Van den hende, Corporate Vice President, Supply Chain, Henkel Beauty Care Asia Pacific.
4.      Mr. Ulrich Borgstaedt, Chief Financial Officer, Southeast Asia.

Team name
Name students
Product / Technology, Summary of Idea
Team 6:
Hera Team

1.           Clarissa Olivia Susanto
2.           Lia Priscilla
Insitut Teknologi Bandung
(B)   The innovative concept of this skin care is a spray with drug delivery system in antioxidant nanoparticle size from lemon peel. The drug delivery system is a system that can identify the cancer cells and treat or kill those cells without damage in other cells.

Team 7:
Team Incredibles
1.           Andai Wang
2.           Sherryn Tham
Nanyang Technological University
(A)  LOCTITE Coating Spray that is able to capture dust from the surroundings and transform them into oxygen using nanotechnology. Spray-on coating is applied to electronic gadgets ie.laptops, handphones and televisions which will then use the heat and light emitted to activate the conversion of organic dust particles into oxygen.
Team 8:
1.           Tee Hang Chung
2.           Yap Lee Lip
University of Malaya
(B)   Schwarzkopf Cap-Able is like a shower cap being worn on head covering all hairs and its interior is full of bioengineered cellulose gel-villi. This product comes with a shampoo cartridge attaching to the cap, which supplies organic shampoo into Cap-Able.
Team 9:
1.           Mai Nu Quynh Chi
2.           Vo Thi Kieu Ngan
Foreign Trade University
(B)   AIO (All In One), a revolutionary concept of Hair Color (Schwarzkopf), using nano-technology which allows people to change their hair colors using a special mobile application by choosing from a range of available colors shown in the application
Team 10:
1.           John Raymond Ani
2.           Aiko Frances Sagusay
University of the Philippines
(B)    With nanotechnology our consumer can now change her/his look in the frequency she desires by changing her hairstyle, all without worrying about hair damage. Specific nano-nutrients penetrate deep to change the structure and color of the locks while protecting and even rejuvenating damaged air.

Evaluation Criteria;
1. Quality & quantity of performance (25%)
The team delivers superior results by using best practice and state-of-the art skills & know-how. The concept is clear, consistent and logic; the idea is complete and logically explained - with vision, market needs, product technology idea, contribution to sustainability, qualitative marketing plan.

2. Customer orientation (10%)
The team anticipates customer needs for 2050 and provides the best value, quality and most innovative products and technologies and searches for ways to satisfy customers with new solutions.

3. Teamwork & effective cooperation (10%)
The team collaborates with each other and supports themselves actively, the desired outcome is achieved. Students communicate successfully, shares ideas and thoughts.

4. Initiative & determination to achieve (10%)
Students work with passion, they are results-oriented; they tackle challenging situations head-on, are ambitious and strives for excellence.

5. Driving change & innovation (25%)
Creativity. The team creates vision, has a clear focus on innovation and questions status quo by offering creative improvements. Students develop new approaches and presents unique ideas in an original way (regarding style, design or execution plan).

6. Convincing & influencing (20%)
Students build sound arguments, have a clear opinion and convey ideas to the point, they highlight benefits and communicate the concept convincingly enough to invest in the launch / development of the new idea, they present in a structured way and with energy, generating a high level of excitement and enthusiasm in the others.

Results announcement and Prize presentation;
1st Prize  : Malaysia - Innocraz Team
2nd Prize: Vietnam - Gambitt Vietnam Team 
3rd Prize: Singapore - Incredibles Team 

I'm glad that the Malaysian Team won to Germany, representing our country in the final competition. And I think they deserve to win it because all the questions that I asked about the advance technology in their innovation, future price of their innovative product and designs that they would create for the fashion world, they're able to answer it diligently. That's what I called a future 2050 innovation that can help to shape the world future. Bravo Malaysia, all the best to you in Germany. Do make us proud and good luck to you both!

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