Sunday, March 2, 2014

Healing Heart 2014

Lynette manja with me recently by sitting on the same chair besides me when I was having my dinner, she told me she was sick. "No wonder you got so thin now, I can even see your bone liao. OMG, you cannot go on like this. Did you take Manuka Honey and take rice?" "Got, I ate a lot", she replied me. Then I told her, "Dai Yiyi see you like that, feel so heartache. You promised me you will take good care of yourself, to prove that you love me. But now seeing you like this, very sad lah me." She looked at me with her innocent look, she don't know what to say to me. I asked her to take dinner with me, take 2 bowls of soup and she wanted to sit besides me like usual. 

Usually, Ying Shan and LeAnne sit side by side with me on right and left for many years already and Lynette usually sits beside LeAnne or Shan. In the recent years, Lynette insisted to sit next to me because she have many things to share with me every week but then both Ying Shan and Lynette mentioned to her that the seats belong to them. I did told them to be good and try to 'yeong'(give in) Lynette one week and to be fair, each week both of them let her sit besides me and they sit besides her. They both gave in and I always told them, they're my clever girls. As time goes by, both of them know their own roles and responsibilities to let Lynette sit next to me, like I always told them none of them are gonna be left out in anyway. 

We all have our fair share to talk, laugh and play together. Last year in 2013, Lynette the Scorpion girl used to be a happy go lucky girl but I saw her kept her distance playing with Shan+friends so I asked her about it. She told me she don't like them anymore and confide to me some past scenarios that they may have stepped on her tail. I asked Shan about it in front of LeAnne and both of them share their inner feelings with me at the same time. I believe both of them, I listen eagerly with my both ears, I feel them wholeheartedly with my heart, I look at them deeply with my own eyes and I totally understand them with all my heart and soul. 

From my thorough observation, I then talk to LeAnne whom I know she's a kind and nice girl who happen to be unhappy with the incidents that happened to them. It's fine for her if she choose not to mix with them but Shan is her best friend, who is also her aunt where I always remind Shan to take good care of LeAnne also as they're both best friends forever. They went to the same Kindergarten together since 3 and 4 years old, attend the talents, music and art class together since 6 and always stick together for the past 11 years. She should trust her aunt Shan, whom I believe will not betray her as I told Shan to protect her all the time. In the event if they have any misunderstanding or heart feelings with each other, they should address the matter to me and they did most of the time. 

This time, I have a long conversation with LeAnne as I try to reason with her more on Buddhism values and as usual, guide her into chanting 'Amituofo' all the time when she's feeling down or emotional. This year 2014, she just told me she felt so much better now and back to her usual happy life with all the 'Amituofo' chanting and I felt so good to hear her positive feedback. I felt grateful that Buddhism really help when she needed that inner strength to move on as she's a fortunate girl who is blessed by Amituofo. I remember she asked her daddy to buy her 'Guan Yin' mini sutra and she gave it to me as a gift. Haha...I felt so happy but then I told her to hang that sutra on her bed to protect her. Every night, I advised her to pray to 'Guan Yin or Amituofo' so she can have a good sleep.

I know she may have stress to cope in her studies, extra class and hobbies which I asked her to choose only the best two to go. Shan, she always asked me what she should do and she knows what to do so I'm not worried about her. Anyhow, they always update me what they've been doing, planning and I only will advise and guide them for the best plan that works for them as I know them too well. Just like going travelling with them, all 3 of them sit obediently and chat along with me throughout the journey with good manners. I heard Shan reminds Lynette to keep my car clean and tidy during the journey of our trip. 

Haha...we have utmost respect to each other although we can be 'sot sot gila' when it's time to play. And whenever I indulge in something yummy, they wanted to try it no matter how spicy it can be, I usually fed them and told them it's my mom's favourite too. That's what a good relationship is all about, it's all about loving, sharing and caring each other without expecting anything in return. Last Thursday, I went to Henkel event that I told the guard I wanted to park inside the building, not the opposite building he asked me to as the parking was full. I saw two cars are waiting in line wanted to go in but have been blocked too. He let me go in and when I wanted to pay, asking for the parking ticket the malay lady told me no need to pay the RM10.

I thanked her and on my way back also, I 'salam'(salute) with her again as I was very grateful to her. Not only they gave me a parking space inside but they waived it for me as well. That day, I met many good people along the journey of my life and I share it with Rambo. I'm so thankful to the Indian guy in the lift who overheard me talking to a malay girl about going to Level 46 but the lift only stops at L45 and so he asked me to press L46 again. I managed to say 'Thank You' when the lift was closing and I reached to L46 easily. As I was rushing, 1st timer there, I have no idea where's the lift and many of them showed me the way back to my car. I was very lucky that day having to meet all this good people who happen to cross into my life. Tq all, God bless U always!

Last February, my good friend LL who fetch me to lunch from my place also said he's fortunate enough we're able to go for a lunch for once a year. Haha..."Paiseh" to admit it but it's true as last year I was kinda busy crazy with all the travels and I hope this year 2014, I can relax a bit by having more gatherings with family and friends. Even for a short meeting or coffee 'Yum Cha' time, I'll be happy to attend for it as last year my good friend Cass also mentioned to me, "So long liao we didn't meet for Yum Cha, come out lah. I go to your place nearby". My friends really made the effort to meet, but then due to ageing and busy life, I tend to be lazy and wana stay easy, breezy on my bed only. I need to go out more like before, active like before provided I have complete my projects so that I can have a total peace of mind. Let's welcome March 2014!      


  1. Thanks, Da Jie for ur birthday present! I already got it from Rambo Da Ge.... Really Thank u so much!! Thanks for sooooo sayang me... sooo touching!!..May GOD blessing u to stay healthy and happy all time... Love u! Muacks!!! Amituofo !! Love, MeiMei

  2. You're most welcome MeiMei. I hope you had a great birthday celebration.Welcome dear, don't mention it. I wish Amituofo bless U always. Stay healthy and happy. Thanks, I will. Love, Jacinta!