Friday, March 14, 2014

Marvelous March 2014

My good friend LL is happily stalking my Facebook faithfully since the day I joined FB, as when we met that day he mentioned all the latest updates of my life and make me laugh. We still make great effort to go for lunch whenever we can and he has been asking me when I can view his new place since he moved in last December. I replied him, "Quite busy this week, let's meet up next Tuesday at 2pm to cut the jam time" and so we did. I'm always happy for him whenever he shared his life plans with me and I totally support him in all the way to the top. 

Throughout the 14 years of friendship, we never argue or fight about any issue as we understand each other really well. We reminisced those happy memories we had over the years as close colleagues in the same team and now, we're still good friends ever. One thing for sure is that I'm honest with my friends and if they can accept it, they follow it. And if they can't, it's really up to them to make the final decision because they have every rights to make the best choice for their own lives. As long I have voice it out, I have did my very best as a friend. 

Good friends means we can talk about anything, everything and our secrets to each other. He always said how he wish to travel like me and hope to follow me to go Japan together. I always encouraged him to go along with me, bring along his wife and kids so they can enjoy as a happy family. But sometimes reality really bites, with all the commitments he had, he's too caught up with all the repayments he just can't do so. I advised him to stop committing into too much stress that's consuming too much of his time and money, pay up everything slowly and enjoy your life right now. Stop and take the time to smell the flowers. Life is not all about money and 'Lei Yik'(returns). 

Just like last Sunday during lunch with my Sis Toto and Bro Chai when we talked about the MH370 case, Sis Toto also mentioned she's very grateful every time she came back from holiday 'Mou Chuen Mou Lan'(no wear and tear), safely back home she's very thankful to God already. Haha...just like me, I always think Malaysia is my beloved homeland and I'm always thankful and joyful when I'm back home sweet home, green green grass of home. I still hope and pray the best for them, no doubt about it. Yea, it is fun to travel to see the world but I'm always looking forward to come back Malaysia, 'Ganbatte' again in growing my business to bigger and better growth so I can contribute it back to my society. 

I always believe that I should support my own country 1st, love my own country 100% and be loyal to my country so it will prosper into a better place to live in. And every time I'm back, I felt safer, no fear to go on living the good life I always wanted here, be it back to my Kampung in Johor or here in cosmopolitan city of Kuala Lumpur. Charity starts from home, you feel good to be able to help the unfortunates and it's a privilege to help our own people here. Take the time to expand your hidden talent horizon and in the mean time, help the people along the journey of your life as it's only 'Guai Sau Ji Lou' and this good Karma stays with you till the day you left to heaven. It's kinda tiring, exhausting if every time you do good, you expect good returns must come back to you. Give first, do good for yourself, water and 'Si Fei'(fertilize) fully your garden, the reward will eventually come to you at the end of the day. 

What you attract, will be drawn to you unquestionably through positive vibes surrounding you. Just like the Da Ma Cai Lottery draw, I really had no idea what I did good, I've been asking myself how I can strike it 3 times in a row repeatedly during the CNY festive holiday. I'm happy to spend the winning money for charities and yesterday, I chance upon one big amount receipt of this 'Yayasan XYZ' that Rambo has did with his colleagues for the sick child who needs the fund so badly. "Just like those old days ha" I told him, I was impressed by his kind action but I reminded him again to do it purely sincere from his heart and never force anyone into joining him to do good. He promised he will and will remember that for sure.  

I only know that before the CNY holiday, I shared one Horse Sashimi story with my Horse Sis Defney. It's very cruel the way they killed the Horses, and now it's even a new trend of the Italians joining the Japanese enjoying the dish as well. I was hoping that she won't join her Japanese Boss in taking the Horse dish even if they went for a meal together. Just like our gathering with Nakamura and Tan, they both took the fresh bloody beef during our Shabu Shabu dinner together, Rambo and I didn't take it as we only enjoy taking the veges and fishballs yet we enjoyed our meal, chatting the whole night through.

That's why when I was in Osaka near to Kobe, I skipped the Kobe Beef indulgence as I believe if there's no demand of it, the cow can be spared from the killing that's for sure. Haha...the cartoon above is so cute but it's true you see. LL asked if I would like to take the Chinese favourite 'Tin Kai Juk'(Frog Porridge) but I told him better not as I know the way they killed the frogs with the leg chopping, they're still alive and they died in a very suffering way. I rather let go of my eat indulgence sometimes but I can sleep peacefully everyday. It's been years already I have not enjoy this delicious meal but it's not a miss for me in anyway.   

Life is not always a paradise on earth, it can be a hell when you fall sick and suffering in pains. Just like my aunt who told me she had been coughing for more than a year now, trying all the possible medicines and methods yet, she's still suffering in the middle of the night due to this stubborn cough that won't go away. I told her to take Cellfood and take it from Christine, my friend aka aunt who's been spared from tumours for 5 years liao. My Uncle Wah told me he dare not take the expensive Cellfood from her as she has been taking it religiously for a few years drinking it, spraying her face and her whole body. Haha...he makes me laugh out loud as the way he shared it with me that Chris really treat it as her treasure now and swear by it! 

I told him I told her so as every medical check-ups, she seems to attract cysts and tumour in her womb, left breast so to avoid from enlarge to a bigger tumour, Cellfood can help her to shrink it smaller. I told my aunt to take 10 drops that night and hope she can recover from it real soon, as I know sleep deprivation can cause much more serious sickness in time to come. We need to prevent it before it happens. Prevention is always better than cure. Join me at the coming 'Malaysia 1st Sleep Mob' this Sunday at One Utama, you'll learn the importance of taking a deep sleep for a healthy and pretty you. C ya there!    

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