Monday, March 3, 2014

Tea Goodness

Tea is actually the most popular drink in the world, second only to water and it's brimming with nutritional benefits. Let's look at what the humble tea leaf can do for your health. I love taking tea be it those Chinese herbal tea, tea added with honey or sugar and milk tea like the 'Aik Cheong Teh Tarik 3-in 1'(Black Tea) type. I usually take it after having a heavy lunch, just to burn out the fats, wash away those toxin and oily food, or just to chill myself during afternoon break while reading some books and magazines. 

In fact, when I go travel to Japan, China, New Zealand and Europe, tea is definitely my morning companion after enjoying a cup of coffee that immediately woke me up in the morning. In Spain, I discovered a new favourite tea added into my life right now which is the Chamomile Tea. Not only it tasted so good for my taste bud, it also helps to soothe and calm my body, mind and soul during the 3 hours travel journey. Rambo also loves it because I put some Honey and sometimes, I add half pack of the sugar only if there's no honey ready for me.

Both Spain and Portugal have a few of good tea brands like the above picture, esp.the Chamomile that I like so much now. In New Zealand, I remember I brought back many tea bags of Early Grey, English Breakfast etc. and share it with Rambo's Family during our holiday in Cameron Highlands 2 years ago. I encouraged them to have an English Afternoon Tea with cookies, hot tea and embrace the chilly cold weather like tourists from overseas.  

Haha...I always enjoy this kinda English-styled environment, playing it with some delicious cookies, pies and fruits with tea. I used to go for Hotel Hi-Tea with Rambo, romantically enjoying some privacy chatting and eating but with my family, I play it cool by having it at mountain top or taking tea at Cameron Valley along the journey. That's why I love going holiday to Cameron Highland for a few days vacation, be it with family or with friends as the nice, cold weather is relaxing my body, mind and soul.

The truth of tea goodness have been found to play significant roles for our well-being in helping to raise mental alertness, lowering cholesterol or reducing the risk of chronic diseases such as stroke, diabetes and even cancer. This Misai Kucing(Cat Whiskers) or 'Orthosiphon Stamineus' is a traditional herb that is widely grown in tropical areas. In Malaysia, my sis Toto bought this from an organic farm in Cameron Highlands.

It really helps me to lower the cholesterol level after taking it religiously for the past one month. At 1st, I never like the taste of it but slowly and day by day, I'm getting used to the herb tea taste already. Most important thing is that this powerful tea works for me and beneficial for me in the long term health. Tea can be brew in many kinds of enjoyment drinks like 'Teh Tarik' that added with milk+less sugar, and added with ginger also. 

In Malaysia, my favourite milk tea is called 'Teh Tarik Halia Kao Kao Kurang Manis'. Haha...definitely less sugar and added with Ginger for better taste of tea goodness. And I make sure it's less sugar/sweet or I would usually reject it, as I really wana enjoy my drink to good health. But nowadays, I love making Ginger Tea every week. It can help to curb nausea, motion sickness for some and for me, it helps to strengthen my weak stomach problem. More infos about Ginger Tea in my next blog on tea goodness.

This is Peach Tea which I enjoy its fruity taste in hot temperature for a few years already, served by Kanebo Spa. Before that, I used to take Nestle Peach Tea with ice cubes. It tasted really good like a fruit tea, sweet and soury taste that helps to boost up my appetite. After taking this tea, my stomach will be growling to me asking me for food. Haha...that's why I always request for Ginger Tea after my spa pampering to calm my stomach calling, or else I'll be eating non-stop like a pig. Bye for now, to be continue next day ya!

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