Monday, June 29, 2015

Build A Nice Bridge With Good People To Cross With

Last week I saw my friend Datuk J's sharing one of the Family Run he participated with his new family in Johor, I couldn't help it but to like on it. And such a coincidence, his ex-wife was also running for a Family Run in KL with her two daughters. I told Rambo I liked one of Datuk J's solo picture of him not the one with his new family, asking him not to get mad at me because I know he's very loyal to his friends and in this particular case, it's the ex-wife he's standing supportive of her all these years. I told him the reason I told him is because I respect him a lot and fret one day he find out he's not happy about it, he may question me uncontrollably.

I rather I'm honest to him now than having to answer him later, I explained to him this is because Datuk J actually liked many of my pictures. In fact, both Datuk J and AA wished me 'Happy Birthday' at the same time on the same day and almost the same kinda wishes. How ironic it can be? That's why somewhere, somehow they're connected over the years from high school, being great partners in business for years and got married with 2 girls. It's just too bad along their happy years being together, who would have thought a foxy lady is able to torn them apart and they had to divorce each other forcefully. 

I remembered I told both of them 20 years ago when I was 19, Datuk J was a charming guy who's a 'Sun Pun' and must guarded him 'Sat Yat Sat'(strictly). We talked about this issue quite seriously, just never thought it really happening to them. No one can really predict the future. Sometimes fortune teller can tell you a thing or two of the events that's believable, probable or possible but he's not God he cannot guarantee and make sure that everything that he has predicted will be true. And I have tried to explain to Rambo nicely and reasonably many times, "Yan Mong Gou Chi" that simply means human tend to look forward all the way to the top and if he thinks the new wife can uplifted him to a better, higher position of success, no one can really stopped him from doing so, including his parents. Everyone have their own golden dreams to achieve, success story to create and happiness to live for, so be happy for others only then God will award us the same happiness. 

The above picture is an app info I got from Facebook, you can check your personality result if you want to. I heard many real stories from them and from the summary of their true story, everyone have their own standing points of view where they're only vying for the best trophy of their happiness only. I told all of them not to get involved by doing evil things but to respect other people's privacy. When others got involved in a battle field, they have their own reasons why they're standing firm on their decision to end up their friendship, marriage or partnership. No one will really understand their thoughts, perception and perspective in life. First and foremost, I told Rambo I had every rights to respond positively towards Datuk J's generosity to me with kindness back to him. He's nice to me, obviously I need to be nice to him. I don't like to make enemies with anyone and as long I did my best everyday to be happy, I'm a lucky lady already to be surrounded with my beloved family and friends.  

Everyone knows I stand supportive and protective more to the women's side before the men, and based on this case as a normal human being, I pointed out to Rambo seriously that my heart was made of flesh - 'Yan Sem Yuk Zou'. Eventually I can forget and forgive Datuk J as time goes by, in fact AA his ex-wife did the same. She has learn to move on, getting married again. I actually wishes her to stay happy and hoping she can lead a better life ahead with her new family. Human heart is very soft actually, we're not made of robot. We're not vindictive people who have time to plan any resentful or revengeful evil things to others. We only have time to do good, feel good and cultivate good deeds for great future undertakings. If we threw out the ego in us, everything will seems pleasant with bright light at the end of the tunnel. 

Like the Chinese used to say, in fact Rambo also used to advise me by saying the routes that we passed through need to be free and easy, smooth and reach to our final destination without any obstacles. Everyday I thanked my Guan Yin and Amituofo for giving me a great life to start anew with good health, no pain but gain. Then before I step out from my home, I prayed hard also that I'm safely back home sweet home and when I'm back, I thanked my guardian angels for reaching home safe and sound. While having dinner with my beloved hubby everyday, he managed to make me laugh out loud successfully. I really treasure the moments we can stayed really attached with each other closely now as he's very loving to me. That's life!

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