Thursday, June 11, 2015

My Summer Shimmer 2015

Based on the basic medical checkup today by Guardian Pre Ramadhan Media Treat for me, overall result is very good according to all the specialist and pharmacist. I can still eat to gain weight up to 45kgs, blood glucose 5.9 is ideally good for my aging age and cholesterol level is balance up. But I just told Evelyn and Elana today, I had gained too much weight until my 'Baju Kebaya pun tak muat', too tight and going to burst out liao on certain parts of my body. Haha...but I'm thankful and grateful for the good health, that's what really matters because Health is the ultimate Wealth. No health means no wealth, that's for sure!  

Haha...really no joke, I ate so much recently till I cannot wear my old pants liao, dress that's XS where I used to fit in easily, perfectly. Everytime I do check up like this although a very basic ones, I still dread to do it for the result because I don't wana be drag to any clinic or hospital for further, more comprehensive checkups that's going to haunt me every minute of the day. So I rather eat healthily with more vegetables, fruits, supplements like Cellfood and drink lots of water to alkaline my acidic body due to free radicals and daily food intake, besides doing the 'Fing Sau' (flipping hands) exercise, meditation and living a stress-free life if possible.

True, but make sure the job is done properly also at the end of the day so there's no bad consequences that's going to haunt us back in the future where we need to do the whole thing all over again. Haha...I saja wana comment on this meaningful sharing by Magnum4D as I always admired Bill Gates 'Sing Gung Zi Lou'(success path) so I contributed a like for it and Magnum4D gave a like on my comment too. In fact, I agreed with this phrase totally because I'm such a lazy lady so I know how I worked my things out normally. I may have said so many times to Rambo I'm lazy to blog about it all the time, but in the end I still wanted to complete my things nicely and perfectly because I feel responsible and obligated on it.

And so far, no PR or company that are paying/not paying(but comes with perks with good products) have any complain or dissatisfactions towards the blog that I have send to them. In fact, they thanked me gratefully and told me they loved it so much. 'Habis cerita', I told myself and I can have total peace of mind liao. Like I told everyone, I blog in my own way, I write what I deem right, true and honest, nobody can influence my perception on how I really feel about the products or services I wana share about. Usually, I rather not get paid by payment or products also for the things that I've consumed or used that didn't give me good result at the end of the day. I apologised to Khay last year, she totally understand my position on that.

For the updates of my partnership business with Rambo, I can be lazy also to attend it with him sometimes and he totally understand my feelings about it so he encouraged me to stay home for total rest and relaxation by watching TV. I liked watching comedies now, it makes me laugh out loud so much all at once helping me to destress the negative vibes that's surrounding me during the day time. It's not easy to be a good person, it takes the maximum ultimatum to have total calmness in managing our daily behaviour+pure mind esp. you need to face stupid people of a motorcyclist who simply rides on his bike Bapak punya jalan (road belongs to the father), endangering the drivers like us and other pedestrians. When I 'sen'(ranting) to Rambo about it during dinner, he'll be ringing me the same phrase of his advise again, "Told you mah, you need not stress yourself attending all the events. Whatever things you wana buy just let me know I'll get it for you. You only need to enjoy your life everyday and be happy." 

But over the years I have tried my best to explain nicely to him that I knew he meant well and loving me very much, but I like to attend all the events to keep myself updated, posted with the latest technology, products and having some fun with friends, not really into going after the products anymore as some of the products we never really need to use it at all but it's entirely to absorb more information+knowledge. Said lazy only, but after seeing what my baby Yi Bao Co. managed to generate such stable income for me I'm feeling all lighten+brighten up instantly to 'Ganbatte' for better result in future. You can live life to the fullest by setting yourself achievable goal for the bright stars in the sky, need not stress yourself for unnecessary petty stuffs that brings no good result and don't forget to live happily ever after with your beloved family and friends. Life is really short and we only live once in this lifetime, c'est la vie!  

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