Friday, June 26, 2015

A Good, Smooth Journey

Last Saturday, I was completely booked for 4 events as usual but I can only managed to attend two of it even forgo those paid ones and attended two of the events that I have promised on a 1st come 1st serve basis. To me, I live on a principle that not everything must evolved around money, glitz or glamour life only. Family and friends meant a lot to me so no matter how busy I was that day having fun in any events with my friends, I make sure I must be present to be with my dear Charmers for the weekend gathering. All these years, my mom has been asking Shan Shan if she wanted a birthday party with her friends but she didn't want to as she's a 'Guai Guai Lui'(obedient daughter) whom I'm proud to love her all my life.

During dinner while asking her to take more vegetables for her good health, she told me she's now performing for Guan Yin Thousand Hands of Dance where she need not move much with her hands as she's the shortest dancer of them all. She makes me laugh out loud and I told her it's a blessing in disguise because she can relax a bit. Since she started to dance and performed for her school as one of the professional dancer, she always showed me her dancing clothing provided by the school free of charge. I was surprised and asked "Where got free things or free lunch in this world?   

But then when I think of it, the way they performed for the school from time to time invited by many Chinese organisations at Thean Hou Temple, travelling out-station etc. from am to pm was too time consuming already for my dear Shan. But as long she's happy now, I just let her enjoy her dancing hobby while she's free to do so. If she's performing for The Curve, clubs during festive seasons through Kids Agency who selected her based on her dancing talent, she will get paid but not much and tally with the time spent also. When she's younger, she can treat it like a hobby while earning some money along the way, but now that she has submerged herself in the Latin Dancing competition recently and won Champions in all the Salsa, Tango and Cha Cha Dance, I told her that her win is gonna cost her more from now on.

I did comment that her Red Latin Dress is not very alluring and stunning, she needed to get a nicer one in future. I believe her win is based on her dancing talent and skills she have learned from the weekly dancing class. I remembered the last time she dance the Hawaiian Dance for her school, I taught her to twist a little bit more on her waist and be more gentle on her hand movements, she asked why I didn't continue dancing which I should. Haha...I wished I could I told her but I need to 'Sung Kuat', loosen up my bones 1st due to my age and waiting Rambo to get slimmer 1st. Lynette kept laughing about it when I told them now he's still fatty Bom Bom. In fact LeAnne has been asking me to join her Ballet Teacher who's teaching Latin at PJ but I told her not that area, Seri Petaling is more ideal for me. 

I also said let's wait for LeAnne to go for her Latin dance next year after her UPSR exam, then we'll all go for it together. My mom and stepdad told me there's a big-sized couple who went for the dancing competition also last week in Penang under the adult category, they can dance well. I told them, 'No, I need a fit partner to lead me through." After dinner, Lynette showed me some video sharing by this 'Wah Banana' where she even said it melodiously like she's singing to me. Haha...We managed to bond some great moments together that's so worthy of my time meeting all of them esp. when I leave that night, Lynette kissed me passionately mouth to mouth with me. melt by her! We celebrated Shan's birthday within our family members real happily together that day besides enjoying the Nyonya Dumplings for Dragon Boat Festival.

Last month also, LeAnne mentioned to me long time we didn't have dinner bonding time together because sometimes they arrived late I have taken my dinner liao. My dear Charmers are very 'Chi Ching' type of girls, manja attached to me since they're babies and I really missed those great memories with them. Sometimes I see my sister Defney posted those old pictures of them, I knew she missed those cutie little moments of them but the fantasy has become a reality in life. Kids will grow up really fast, just a blink of eyes only they're growing up like pretty, precious flowers in our garden. For babies or kids, they're so fun to play with. My Da Jie told me she just had a dream recently I got pregnant, she was so happy till she couldn't sleep that day.

Haha...we all laughed out loud during the Vegan Dinner that night at Kepong when she broke the baby news with us with many of them kept persuading us to have a baby. They never really gave up asking me to give birth even after numerous times I have explained to them honestly both Rambo and I are not keen. Sis Toto and Bro Chai kept adding after Da Jie said they will be thrilled to have a new baby in our family and will love our baby to death. I replied them I knew that and I believe they will but our decisions are final. We are very decisive when it comes to dictate about our baby issue to a Yes or No answer only. We're happy as a twosome family and enjoying our lives to the ultimatum maximum limit. In fact, we're living up our lives very happily with grace and glory. As long we're not greedy, life is sensationally splendid for us. 

Even Rambo's best buddy KH understood when I explained to him about the Buddhism values on ending human's suffering on earth he then told me, "Yea, it's good also." Never expect the next generation to suffer or put such a burden on them when they grew up. If we wanted kids in our lives, we should give them a comfortable life to live happily ever after. I have seen and heard many stories from many of my friends about life, they always told me once their kids get married they wanted to get a small condo/apartment to live as a twosome family only. Julia even told me her hubby Mr. Lim didn't wana spend any of his retirement money to get his son the latest Audi Sport car when she asked him to because he came from a humble beginning, very poor back then. I told her the same thing Rambo will not spoil his child too if he had any, in fact he always said I spoilt my dear Charmers buying them so many things.

But to me, it's totally worth it because I know they treasure it like their precious gems and seeing them wearing it nicely, I felt fulfilled to see them feeling happy about it. Julia also told me since she can afford it, she got them everything like buying her daughter a Lambskin Chanel Handbag cost RM16,000 on her 16th Birthday, besides the high education fees in US and still taking good care of them now. Such a coincidence Robert heard her talking to me about this subject all along our Eastern Europe holiday for days liao, he said he disagreed with the way she taught her kids because he said he has spent so much money for his sons education in US considered he has did his very best already. With adequate education provided for them, they need to strive and thrive on their own after that if they wanted to stay in Bungalow or driving luxury cars.

Both of them keep debating their own points of view to me because I was sitting at the centre of Julia behind me and Robert in front of me. Both Rambo and Mr.Chew who were sitting besides me and next to me also voice out their point of views to me that they're more into standing on Mr.Lim's side because they all came from very hard, humble beginnings of rags to riches kinda lives. Mr.Lim just keep quiet about it because he's very old already, no energy to argue his points of view that afternoon esp. infront of his fierce wife but he stands firm on his position by not contributing any of his money for his son's luxury. This conversation has going on and on like forever, even when I go for a toilet break at the petrol station both of them followed me and still debating on their strong points to me. Back from the toilet also, Rambo saw us still standing at the fridge talking about it he laughed out loud.

And when we're back to our comfy coach, Rambo asked me so what's the conclusion or summary about each parent's parenting ways so everyone of them would agreed on the final solution because it seemed to be a never ending story for all of us having different opinions about this issue. Both Julia and Robert stayed quiet for awhile when I said that both of their teachings are also right, there's no wrong in any of their parenting skills. I agreed with Julia's parenting style to pamper her kids if they did well in their studies or if they behaved well as a filial child along the years and for me, if I can afford to buy them those luxury things they wanted to, I would spend that kinda money for them too just like what Julia shared with me. In fact, I always taught my dear Charmers to strive for the things they wanted by earning it on their own efforts independently and not living lavishly like treating money can be printed using normal paper only anytime they wanted to do so. They need to work hard and smart for it the ethical ways. 

For Robert's case, he's definitely a good father who has worked hard all his life to provide a good education foundation for his sons. Not only they're successful in their lives staying in US now, they also managed to treat their parents for holidays. Robert's wife had cancer which affected their lives sometimes. I advised all of them to drink Cellfood immediately by asking his son to get it for them from US itself. Even Julia wanted the Cellfood link from me because her sister just had Breast Cancer too. And through this Cellfood conversation, both of them can sit together with me having lunch pleasurably at Germany without debating on the parenting subject further more. We then enjoyed our lunch and soups talking about our Eastern Europe holiday with many great memories and unstoppable laughters about our trip. That's life!


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