Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Power Of Love

Last Saturday both Rambo and I were feeling tired and lazy to attend Elaine's wedding dinner that night but Rambo's Bro Chai and other sisters have did their very best to fetch us there going together from Kepong so we just go with the flow naturally. In fact I told Rambo that Elaine has invited me since January 2015, 6 months in advance as she knew I'm a super duper busy lady who couldn't join them for holidays they had recently. We should make a great effort to attend it giving face to Bro.Chai and Gugu who have married each other recently as to bond our relationship closer and stronger than ever 'Chan Ka Chan'. Even if we need to travel to Penang for business trip but I told Rambo to postpone it to July for the Summer Project completion before the Hari Raya holiday.

In this world, gaining money only comes secondary because relationship or friendship should comes 1st as the most basic primary value to practise fully in our daily lives. In fact, Sis Toto, Da Jie and Sis Hoon were so happy we all get to meet each other again for a get-together dinner as we have tonnes of happy gossips in life to share in Hokkien Channel. Haha...But the irony that's happening in our Lim Family was kinda weird because Bro.Chai and Gugu are the pure Vegans of all time so they had to be seated at Table 7 for vegetarian meals. Both Da Jie and Sis Hoon were joining them so Bro.Hong, Sis Toto+Bro.Cheong couple and I were placed at Table 4 for meat takers while Rambo prefer to sit next to me closely like a magnet even when Gugu asked if he would like to join their vegan table. Obviously, I didn't eat much meat also but I still chose to sit next to Sis Toto as we cannot stop talking and laughing once we clicked together as one.   

Still, Sis Hoon, Bro Chai and Da Jie they all came to our table, started our Hokkien Drama for long hours before the dinner started at 8.30pm. We usually gossip much about health topics like I've been asking Sis Toto to pull out her white grey hair. It's been growing more and more from her healthy and pretty locks of hair that's kinda blocking her beauty out of it. She looks young and gorgeous with her infectious big smile, but the grey hair somewhere, somehow makes her looked old liao in which she totally agreed with me so she cut her hair shorter and promised me she'll pull out the grey hair as soon as she can. I told Sis Hoon about it and she asked me why I didn't have any white grey hair. Rambo was very kepoh, he mencelah telling them every month I go for my monthly hair spa pampering to scan my hair scalp for years liao. 

Haha...The main reason I went for my monthly spa pampering is to make sure my hair scalp is clean, not clogged by any oil or impurities, infected by lice and for head+neck+back massage for 2 hours long. If there's any grey hair forming out from my hair follicle I would know before hand and I will definitely pull it out as soon as I can, but it's not happening yet so far in my life. In fact, I've been asking all my hair stylist to trim and cut my hair as much hair as possible. I wanted my head to feel light and easy. I explained to all of them when they told me I was the only lady they came across wanted to have less hair as possible as the many others usually asking them to add more hair and volume for them. I also told both Sis Toto and Sis Hoon that the main reason I wanted as less hair as possible because I needed the protein nutrients for my brain energy instead.

If you have too much hair and heavy head that's weighing you down heavily in which I also shared with my sis Defney and mom before, you need a lot more of protein intake to feed your hair instead of your brain. That's why I told Rambo, my sis Defney and Sis Toto the reason why all of them have such bad memory of their brain. Rambo and Sis Toto did their very best nowadays going for their hair cut every month now. Even if you take a lot of expensive Gingko Biloba from Amway also no use, spending hundreds and thousands of dollars also no point over the years because hair is growing everyday from our body so obviously it will consume much of your energy, nutrients and sucking the nutrients from your body every now and then. So it's either you choose in between beauty, health and wellness by balancing each needs appropriately, accordingly or you need to lose any of the important factor of your lives. 

I'm the creator and editor of my life, I choose to have less hair in order to spare more supplements for my brain to focus more easily and I can complete my daily tasks more efficiently. My sis Defney went to cut her hair shorter, trim it layered and I told her, "See, you look nicer with this kinda hairstyle and it's good for your health as well." I told her sometimes a crowing glory of a healthy, pretty hair like this can portrayed such a big difference to look simply beautiful and she quickly agreed with me "Yea, absolutely true!" Sis Hoon then asked what's the colour of my hair as she wanted to dye the same colour like mine. I laughed out loud and told her it's the natural colour of my hair. It has been two years long I have never dye my hair into red or golden brown colours to stay awesome like my younger years hobby in my 20's. My best friend Jos always asked me to bring her to get the same hair colour colour as she wanted to look exactly like me with the fantastic hair colour she fell in love with.

Even my mom and sis Defney have been pushing me to dye our hair together in the past 2 years, I told them I promised myself not to dye my hair for the time being but I dare not swear to myself that I won't do it in the near future. I know I'm a fun beauty afficionado who's willing to try anything in the name of beauty, so it really depends on my mood on that day if one day I wish to dye my hair, I will just go all out for it. Sis Hoon was surprised why on earth my hair colour looked healthy and smooth but it's not entirely black in colour, in which I explained to her I was born this way. In fact, my dad told me he used to nurture my hair with expensive brandy when I was a baby. I grew up having golden brown hair which looked more golden in colour when I was younger but as time goes by, my hair slowly have grown to be darker brown now. That's why everywhere I go, everybody doubt that I'm a Chinese and they tend to ask me if I was a Thai or mixed until I seriously clarified to them that I'm a pure Chinese, that's for sure.

Sis Hoon laughed at Rambo having too many grey hair, saying it in Hokkien and both Rambo and Sis Toto replied her instantly if they can live so happily lucky like Jacinta, they also can looked gorgeously and lovely like me. Haha...I only laughed out loud, I know they didn't mean to be jealous or envious of me because both of them are forever my best buddies in Charlie's Angel mission, but I know that they're definitely aiming the same kinda life I'm enjoying now. Sis Toto told me she has started to join a dancing class now and asking me to have gleeful fun with her together, but I told her "Cannot lah Kepong." Haha...I honestly told her by the time I had stress driving up there, I already have no mood to dance and she totally understand my situation on that no matter how much we wanted to stay close with one another. But we still do our very best to spend more time together during the weekend looking for good food in town because they knew I'm a 'Wai Sik Queen' in the family. 

We had such great gossips about our lives fantastically that night although we need to be separated into two different tables, having a not-bad wedding course dinner esp. the Cold Watermelon Prawns, kinda new to all of us. I was glad I came to support a mixed racial Chinese+Indian wedding with our family members that day. I'm here wishing both Elaine and Kenny to stay 'Wing Kit Tung Sem' and have a healthy baby real soon. Both Rambo and I shared with Sis Toto our future planning to keeping our marriage alive and happily ever after for our 30th Anniversary grand celebration so long 'Amituofo' is blessing us to that blissful moment. I jokingly added that Rambo is still holding a grudge with me, not giving him the chance to hold our wedding at Shangri-La Hotel in which I promised I'll give him the green light to celebrate our golden anniversary at a lovely hotel provided that we're fully blessed by my beloved 'Guan Yin'. Haha...Tq my beloved Guan Yin for giving me Rambo Lim, a lovely hubby of my life!

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