Monday, June 1, 2015

Happiness By Focusing On What Truly Matters

Last Saturday, Adriene and I had a great laugh of humour where only both of us the Dragon and Monkey would understand the kinda sentiments we have instilled, bonded in our friendship. We spoke in Cantonese obviously, and such a coincidence Dr.Ch'ng was sharing a story about her patient that kinda tickled and related to our situation. Dr.Ch'ng then asked him again what kinda white cream is it, as in the market there are so many brands out there she needs to know exactly which one to be able to treat his skin problem. Both Adriene and I can't help it but continue talking about it like, "White cream, what cream is not white in colour unless those very special ones that are in blue, pink and green, really don't know how to help you with that." We had great fun spending our time at Avene event and from this sharing itself, we can go laughing out loud so hysterically funny about it and giggling non-stop like those little girls. 

When EK asked me how's the Avene event where she expected me to come to have fun with her at the Glenfiddich Whisky Party that I went but I left early, and I told her Avene event was interesting. I had so much fun with my friends there because what really matters in life now is to be able to enjoy a simple life, full of unstoppable laughters that can make my life happy deep down inside of me. Money definitely cannot buy this kinda happiness and not everything needs to evolve around money to achieve the ultimate happiness. In fact, my friend MJ who's sitting besides me on the left was expecting to see me at the K-Beauty event that morning but I told her, "No, just one great event in the afternoon will be sufficient to fill up my Saturday happiness and I had a friend Datin K present at the event too. Gardens Hotel is nearby my place so it's more convenient for me to attend this. Weekend should be living in a relaxing mood for aging lady like me." 

I realized that nowadays many of my family and friends told me they seldom wana share their real life stories on Facebook, they put on privacy mode and restrictions to stop people from commenting much about their lives. I told her in this world, there are many rumours with bad people who are trying to create many gossips to belittle them but you cannot stop that from happening because they have nothing useful things to do so they need to bully the others. Let them be, they're only creating more bad karmas for themselves. But I reassured her, this kinda losers will never succeed in life. They just couldn't cope with your success and they needed something to look more superior or better than you. In the end, they are nobody and there's nothing they can do about it to make you look bad. In fact, those people who did that are only embarrassing themselves to a lower degree of no moral integrity in life. They're not perfect themselves and when they did that, they look even worse like the lonely devils and no one is gonna respect them at all. And when they tried so hard to impress the others, people are not honoured or happy to receive their compliments at all because it's worth nothing and there's no value of worth to be praised by them.

I told MJ to lighten up a bit as I know much about her life and she should live up her life to be who she truly is, doing whatever choices in life that will make her happy. In fact, my friends like EK, GK and CC loved all kinds of spotlight showering them and wanted to be crowned as beauty pageant queen. EK even tried to rope me into joining her in one of the beauty pageant competition last year. I told her I'm not interested in it and going there to support her only. They sometimes ranting it out, sharing it on FB about the jealousy game that were circling around them from the start to the end of the competition esp. among the women who can ended up in the cat fights if things didn't go right for them, I told them it's very unnecessary. 1st of all, you need not stay competitive with the rest and should make good friends with one another in any events that you ventured into, the only person you need to conquer is yourself actually. You need to strive to change for the better of you from yesterday history of your life, not competing with the others to win any title you're vying for so badly. 

Everyone have their own battle to fight for, their own golden dreams to achieve and own happiness to live for in life. No one actually had a common goal in life except that every girl wanted to marry a good guy to live happily ever after just like in the fairy tale stories. For men, they wanted to have a beautiful and wonderful wife to support and uplifting him to success, after they managed to gain money they wanted more power and status to fill up their men alter ego, and staying handsome in which they're trying so hard to achieve it their daily lives. They have no eyes to see us fighting each other, jealous about each other or complaining about our lives in their lifetimes. In fact they always said we the women are very leceh, complicated with unstable hormonal changes every now and then, 'Sem Hung Zak'(narrow heart) where a minor problem also need to create into such a huge problem or many other kinda problems that ended up in world war 3. In China history, there's a story of an emperor who lose his entire kingdom all due to a beautiful lady he loved so much. I will blog about it next time if I'm free to do so. 

Haha...even the last Nuvapine event in April where Dr. Moharkonda shared about EQ subject matter, she's joking with us saying that the women will not get heart attack but we are the cause problem of men having heart attack. Haha...I laughed out loud and I cannot stop laughing about it because it reminded me about my male friends' stories where they told me the reasons why they couldn't stand us women and wanting to divorce their wives too. Even Eric told me recently, he have did his very best to shower all his love and care for his wife+2 girls and he is in fact a good hubby+daddy who occasionally asked for my opinion on how to handle her 2 growing up girls or help teaching them just like how I taught my 3 Charmers(3 girls) of today, but his wife didn't appreciate his great efforts that got him so frustrated with her. He also added if really one day, a good woman appear before his eyes, he may go astray too by accepting the new woman to be his partner in life than going loyal to his wife. 

Men species is actually a sensitive soul who falls under human species, they also need to go through mid-life crisis and they also need us women to appreciate them after they did a good job at the end of the day. We should cherished them more so that they can keep up the good standard we had set up for them along in our marriage journey. After lending my sympathetic ear to him, I advised him don't get irrational about thinking to embark to a messy life like what he has shared with me, instead he needs to stay strong for his girls and focused on living up his life with a different approach to improve their lifestyles. After talking to him about an hour, we then enjoyed a great lunch with the Poker Buddies and had a memorable Poker Game like the pros up at this famous hilltop of Genting Highlands. The other 2 single ones also have their own problems to 'sen' to us, so we talked and laughed out loud during our yummy lunch at GohTong Jaya Chinese restaurant. Just because they know I didn't take pork, they quickly took away the pork served in front of me like pantang like that. Haha...We respect each other a lot, that's why really treasure our close relationship as good friends because considerably we understand each other's feelings enormously over the years of our great bonding together. 

God has fated to bind us into meeting each other along the journey in our lives. Both Eric and I are married, we're involved in the business world, the other 2 are working+singles but attached with partners and 4 of us have a common interest in gambling for fun from the cyber world. GHP, a monkey who's an ally with the Dragon lady of me usually listened to me when I rushed him away from the poker table as the table is too 'Che'. He lose quite alot, both Eric and Chariz I usually called them 'The Horse' were following me to another table too. We are here to win money and to have fun as the real poker players, not like we're in the cyber world anymore where we can give each other's chips from our million dollar chips and we're not here donating money to casino to build a bigger empire of theirs. I believe they have tonnes of money, it's up to our 'Bun Si' capabilities to win their casino money, I reminded them. After 3 hours of having delusional dreamy fantasy of being the real pros here, we had Karaoke and dinner to end our fun finale of our Poker Buddies Anniversary that day. Eric needs to drive home, I stayed with Chariz in one room while GHP stayed with his best buddy and we hope to meet again every year to create more good memories to reminisce in years to come. Good friends like us are not easy to find, it's worth much more than any million dollars in the bank and that's what I called life, c'est la vie! 

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