Tuesday, June 30, 2015

ASTALIFT White Perfect UV Clear Solution Party

FUJIFILM Malaysia has announced that it will launch the multi-functional UV clear beauty essence and makeup base “ASTALIFT White Perfect UV Clear Solution” (SPF50+ PA++++) on March 2, 2015.  The new product, which offers five features including the use of the proprietary UV protecting agent “D-UV Guard”, joins the lineup of the “ASTALIFT White’ skincare series, designed for women in a wide range of age groups with skin concerns such as age spots and skin dullness.  

The product delivers advanced UV protection even against the “Deep UVA” in the longest wavelength region of 370 – 400nm that can penetrate deep into the skin to cause age spots and sagging.  It also contains the ASTALIFT White series’ signature ingredients “Nano AMA”*2 and “Nano Astaxanthin”*3 to create clear and radiant skin.*4  In fact, I'm using ASTALIFT Day Protector everyday before I stepped out from my house to protect my aging skin from the harmful UV rays.

ASTALIFT White Perfect UV Clear Solution that acts as a 'UV clear beauty essence', is also a makeup base with SPF50 PA++++ protection that is priced RM158.00 for 30g. I have always been a fan of Astalift brand since they 1st landed to Malaysian shore. In fact everytime I shared it on my Facebook, there are quite a few beauty afficionados who gave their fair good comments about Astalift beauty products esp.the signature Jelly Aquarysta, one of my most beloved beauty hallmark from Astalift.

Fujifilm has focused on the “Deep UVA”, which is UV in the longest wavelength region representing around 50% of UV rays reaching the ground.  It penetrates deep into the skin to cause age spots and loss of elasticity. Fujifilm has used its knowledge from UV research, conducted in its photographic film business, to develop the “D-UV Guard”, a proprietary UV protecting agent that shields the “Deep UVA” and introduces products containing the ingredient.

The catch copy combines ASTALIFT’s brand concept of “happy anti-aging” with the fact that this is an outstanding product with five features, advanced UV protection performance as the basic function for “sunscreen”, as well as the skincare effect, makeup base effect, smooth texture and special cap that visualizes the presence of UV rays.

 Containing the proprietary UV protecting agent “D-UV Guard”
Completely blocks the “Deep UVA”, which is UV in the longest wavelength region that reaches deep into the skin, in order to prevent “incidental sunburn”.
 Containing the “UV Action Capsule”, which bursts when exposed to UV rays
Bursts when exposed to UV rays to release beauty ingredients to penetrate the skin.  Also contains the ASTALIFT White series’ signature ingredients “Nano Astaxanthin”, “Nano AMA”, “three types of collagen” as well as “citrus extract”*8.
 Containing the Light Analyzing Powder, which lightens the skin tone
Manipulates “light” cast on the skin to naturally lighten the skin tone.  Also resists perspiration and sebum for use as a makeup base.
 Offering the smooth “Refresh Texture”
Effortlessly spreads over the skin without leaving white residues for a light, weightless finish.  Convenience of not requiring dedicated cleanser to thoroughly wash it off.
 Equipped with the “UV Sensor Cap”, which changes color when exposed to UV rays containing the “Deep UVA”. It turns purple in response to UV rays, allowing users to confirm the intensity of invisible UV rays.

A survey conducted by Fujifilm in March this year*5 showed that as much as 65% of women surveyed have experienced “incidental sunburn”, i.e. gradual darkening of the skin despite consistent application of sunscreen.  Based on the results, the Fujifilm has developed this product to meet the needs of women who want to prevent such “incidental sunburn” and are dissatisfied with UV blocker currently available on the market. 

Based on many women’s shared experience of “having been sunburnt despite the use of UV blocker”, the keyword “incidental sunburn” will be used in the website and various in-store communication tools. Just right for the 4 of us the beauty bloggers having great times trying on the latest ASTALIFT White Perfect UV Clear Solution, skincare and makeups before we rushed for other events of our lovely day. 

Fujifilm taps into its core technologies it has cultivated to continue providing unique and diverse range of products that meet the needs of many people, while contributing to human beauty and health. In fact, my makeup using Astalift liquid foundation managed to keep my skin to stay hydrated throughout the day till late at night for a wedding dinner. Fantastic simple makeover done all by myself within 10 minutes of my time only, as simple as that.    

“ASTALIFT White” is a series of skincare products targeted for women in a wide range of age groups with skin concerns such as age spots and skin dullness.  Products in this series contain Fujifilm’s proprietary ingredient “Nano AMA” as well as “Nano Astaxanthin” and “three types of collagen” with advanced beauty power to create beautiful skin with translucent glow.  The brand also has a series of dietary supplements to achieve skincare from the inside.

ASTALIFT WHITE is now available at all ASTALIFT boutiques at Menara Axis, Ground Floor (03-79540896), Bangsar Shopping Centre (03-20921263), Parkson One Utama, Parkson Sunway Pyramid and Parkson Plaza Merdeka Kuching, Sarawak. 

About FUJIFILM Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
FUJIFILM Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, a wholly-owned marketing subsidiary of FUJIFILM Corporation, Japan, and headquartered in Singapore, was incorporated in 1983. The principal activities of the company include distribution of a wide range of products such as photo imaging, electronic imaging, graphic arts, optical devices, medical systems and life science. It also provides technical and marketing support to subsidiaries and distributors in the Asia Pacific region. The company has since grown to include the subsidiary companies across the region with offices in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar, India and Australasia. For more information, please visit http://www.fujifilm.com.sg.

About FUJIFILM Corporation 
FUJIFILM Corporation is one of the major operating companies of FUJIFILM Holdings. Since its founding in 1934, the company has built up a wealth of advanced technologies in the field of photo imaging, and Fujifilm is now applying these technologies to other new business fields. Fujifilm brings continuous innovation and leading-edge products to a broad spectrum of industries including medical systems/life sciences, graphic arts, document solutions, highly functional materials such as electronic materials, optical devices and digital imaging. Fujifilm aims to help enhance the quality of life of people worldwide by providing top-quality products and services with its leading-edge, proprietary technologies. Through its corporate philosophy, Fujifilm demonstrates its commitment to making a significant contribution to society. For more information, please visit http://www.fujifilm.com. For more information, you can log in www.astalift.com.my 

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