Thursday, June 4, 2015

Affection Perfection - Part 2

Never assume I'm not interested to join your event esp. if it involved those I can shop at Zalora even for Raya collection, or be it for a fashion house and shopping malls. I'm more than happy to spend that 2 hours enjoying the fashion show with excitement, share it on my social media and start shopping liao. Haha...This is simply great pleasure that will make this Dragon Lady happy where Rambo also told me yesterday, "You used to wear many lovely Baju Kebaya, Kebarung and Baju Kurung when you were younger."" I still do, I wore Baju Kurung to primary school and secondary school too, all given by my lovely malay friends. Till today, they're my good friends forever and I was so glad when they added me through FB 5 years ago. Friends forever!" (My FB status in May) 

I remembered I only mentioned about my interest to wear Baju Kurung in DAB school, then my friend Mazuin has prepared one of her new, clean and nicely-iron Baju Kurung for me not long after that. I wore it on Friday and I have never forget her good will to me all these years, it's gonna mark to 29 years of our great cutie memories. We're having almost the same height, petite size but both of us were not the shortest one. I always wanted to stand 1st in the line but never had the chance because in my class we have more petite girls standing in line before us like Mus, HG etc. I always like Mazuin because she's a sweet, nice and soft-spoken malay girl who wears tudung since our primary school days. We clicked very well because I feel comfortable and happy being around her. In fact, in SMPB secondary school also I was quite close with Yusni, another tudung-clad Prefect Girl who's also a nice and sweet friend who clicked well with me.

She always asked my neighbour sitting next to me to exchange places with her so she can sits together with me, but my Chinese neighbour has tried to ignore her request for the past 2 years. She had no choice but to turn her body back when both of us wanted to talk, stay intimately close with each other. After SPM also, we stay close with one another whenever I had the time to stop by her residence area in KL. It's only when we're both too busy with each other's schedule and started working, last time where got wi-fi, handphone so we lost contact liao too bad. But I'm really glad when I started to join Facebook, I have many of my old friends, old flame adding me as friends here that got us all connected together again. I was fortunate to have them back in my life as Mazuin is my very good friend. She also never failed to invite me to her house for Raya that year and no matter how busy I was that day, I still visit her that day for 2 hours. I really wana meet her again and we felt so great to be able to see each other again that afternoon. 

Besides sharing her charity cause for the homeless ones with me where I kept encouraged her to do more and keep doing good deeds, she really prepared many good food that Raya I told her really yummy esp. the Laksa was my favourite food I actually took 3 bowls of it. Seeing me so enjoying the food, she asked me to come anytime when I'm free, she'll cook for me. malay friends always ring the similar phrase to me, including the wealthy ones who need not work on weekdays, they even called me asking me to come and enjoy food at their homes for chit-chat. That's what called life, no million dollar value can buy our friendship that knows no boundaries of sincerity, kindness and generosity where we can be very honest, truthful and supportive of each other whenever we meet. Even Rambo's malay colleagues knew I love to eat, they always invited Rambo to bring me along to their open house but sometimes, I was torn between the many invites that I will go A this year, next year B as to be fair for all friends if it falls on the same day.

But for Mazuin, I never missed her Raya invitation because I usually arrange the right time schedule with her earlier so we can meet up again. It's not easy to fix a good time sometimes because everyone are busy with their own schedules, but if there's a will, there's always a way for us to find the time to see each other again. I'm just glad that I'm able to get connected with all my good friends again. In fact, nowadays like Sis Toto always said they really treasure our family gathering togetherness like the precious gem, and I totally agreed with her. Just last Sunday we meet for Sis Hoon's house warming, all of the brother and sisters were having such a great time playing games that involved the money guessing game where they took out the cash money just to prove the game final result, since Bro Hong and Da Jie couldn't figure it out yet. We had yummy and healthy dinner together that night and all of them were asking me "Nice bo?" 

I quickly answered them, "Really yummy, all are good chef in this Lim Family!" We definitely have the world class Japanese standard of an award-winning Chef from Kampachi, the Vegan specialist like Gugu, the Chinese Braised Mushroom+Chicken Feet hours of cooking and even the simple noodle Mee and Mihun with Curry Chicken seemed to be the good blessings sent by heaven angels to me. Bro.Chai even served the Angku Kuih infront of my face, although I'm not a fan of oily food but still I chose one and shared it with Rambo. Family bonding is really important to each of us recently because as time goes by, the years gone by, one by one is leaving us without any notice and we can only accept the fact that they have left to another world. That's why it is so important to keep the circle of family and friends to stay happy together, make sure they're good people who can inspire and uplifted you to the top like them. That's life, as simple as that!