Tuesday, June 23, 2015

CLEAR Nothing To Hide, Bare it All Media Launch

Consumers can now bid farewell to aggravating white flakes hiding in between their hair or at the tip of their shoulders; as CLEAR launches one of the most advanced systems yet in treating and preventing recurring dandruff, as well as nourishing hair and scalp for continuous protection.CLEAR also refreshed the packaging for CLEAR Women and CLEAR Men, currently the No.1 Men’s Hair Shampoo in the world; as well as advocating the need and benefits of daily usage of anti-dandruff shampoo, while encouraging consumers to be confident, bold and stand tall amidst scrutiny from people around them.

UnileverScientists have discovered scientific evidence that dandruff negatively impacts on one’s confidence in social situations in ways that can be noticed by others. Dandruff turning is a condition that plagues 9 out of 10 consumers, both men and women and those afflicted with this condition will find various ways to conceal this issue, be it opting for light-coloured attire, wear hats or caps, be extremely self-conscious with their appearance and many other ways to avoid people around them from knowing about their dandruff issues.

The scalp’s defensive barrier can be compromised by everyday environmental and physiological pressures, allowing a prevalent fungus called Malassezia to populate its surface, breach its shields and cause skin cells to shed abnormally.  The result is dandruff. Current anti-dandruff shampoos in the market are formulated and focused on combating Malassezia as the answer to consumers’ dandruff issues. The new CLEAR does more than that, as it also helps to nourish consumers’ hair and scalp for continuous protection.

The product of fifteen years of research & development at its scalp research institute in Paris, CLEAR is a comprehensive haircare range of shampoos that contain a clinically proven, breakthrough formula that activates the scalp’s natural protection layer, helping prevent dandruff from returning. With the understanding that both men and women’s hair needs and situations are different, CLEAR has formulated different solutions for both men and women that specifically address their hair challenges.

Formulated with Nutrium 10, a unique and powerful blend of deeply nourishing nutrients, CLEAR’s proprietary technology system significantly improves scalp condition, helps restore its defensive barrier and delivers effective “dandruff-proofing” proficiency.It is also clinically proven to help restore lipids, a vital structural component of cell membranes. CLEAR Women is the next generation of Anti-Dandruff treatments, no longer focused on merely eliminating Malessezia, but on helping to restore the scalp’s integrity and fortify its natural protection to help prevent flakes from returning.  

“We believe there are great potentials in everyone waiting to be unleashed, and to be hindered by esteem and confidence issue caused by dandruff is certainly a setback. What CLEAR aims to do is to motivate consumers to bare it all and move forward confidently without qualms over dandruff, as CLEAR gives your hair and scalp continuous protection and nourishment to prevent dandruff from dandruff returning,” said Phoenix Ho, Brand Manager, Total Hair of Unilever Malaysia.

Men’s scalp, on the other hand, are more prone to dandruff due to the differences in their lifestyle, as well as environmental factors. It is physiologically disposed to higher sebum levels and tends to lose more protein than women. With that in mind, Unilever’s CLEAR Scalp Experts have engineered a customised male-specific formulation to offer gender targeted solutions.It contains Bio Nutrium 10 that harnesses the power of patent-pending Climbazole, a proprietary Unilever active that not only stops dandruff at its source, but is known to increase the production of protein, an essential building block for stronger skin cells, to help optimise the scalp’s ability to protect itself. 

Cristiano Ronaldo has a strong association withthe CLEAR Men brand, which is evident in the global advertising campaign for the past 6 to 7 years. His persona radiates great confidence, which CLEAR is championing across the globe. Bringing an equally confident aura and edge to the brand, Miranda Kerr, successful international model, is now the new ambassador for or CLEAR Women globally. Similar to Ronaldo, Kerr will start in the global advertising campaign; share her love for CLEAR and the secret behind her head-turning resilient, beautiful hair with women across the world.

Joining forces with CLEARMalaysia to convey this powerful and inspiring message of confidence are multi-award winning actor Shaheizy Sam, and the beautiful, multi-talented Juliana Evans. Both familiar and highly relatable personalities known for their passion in their entertainment industry, Shaheizy and Juliana are set to inspire consumers to not let flaking issues hinder them from achieving their goals.

“There are various obstacles and more pressing challenges ahead of us in our pursuit to achieve our dreams. The last thing we need is to have our confidence eroded by dandruff issues. Prevention is certainly better than cure, which is why I’ve embraced the daily regime of CLEAR Anti-Dandruff shampoo usage, which gave me a healthier, zero-dandruff scalp,” said Shaheizy.

“In our line of work, our hair is always put through various conditions and styling which is bad for both our hair and scalp. What I like about CLEAR is that it nourishes your scalp with all the required nutrients, giving you a healthier scalp, and eventually more beautiful hair. I think this is a regime that all women should understand and embrace and I can see how they can truly benefit from it,” Juliana added.

With the unveil of the new CLEAR, the brandis also on a mission to restore confidence and boldly advocate that people should have nothing to hide when it comes to their hair. CLEAR has started a global initiative to recruit 2 million consumers who are willing to take the pledge to confidence by adopting the healthy habit of using CLEAR shampoo on a daily basis. 

The campaign has also trickled down to Malaysia, where CLEAR is challenging local consumers to take a similar pledge. From 12 May to 12 July, consumers can log on to https://www.clearmalaysia.com/bareitall , upload the best-looking image of themselves on an existing template and submit the entry as their pledge for the movement and kickstart their daily anti-dandruff shampoo usage regime. The new CLEAR range are now available at all pharmacies, hypermarket and retail outlets nationwide.

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