Sunday, June 14, 2015

GUARDIAN Pre Ramadhan Healthy And Beauty Media Treat

As the holy month of Ramadhan is fast approaching, leading pharmacy, health and beauty retailer Guardian Malaysia launched its annual health and beauty campaign to help customers stay healthy, look good throughout Ramadhan and the Hari Raya festival that follows. I was so glad I made it that afternoon at 2.30pm, I was too caught up with my Summer Project preparation for business trip in Penang next week I almost missed this thoughtful and meaningful beauty event by Guardian.

Lucky it only took me about 15 minutes to reach here with no traffic jam that usually stress me out easily, if not I didn't think I can strike out a balance cholesterol level, blood glucose 5.9 and a normal blood pressure at 118 for my overall basic medical checkup. I was so grateful knowing that I'm in good health, all under control guaranteed by the specialist and pharmacist here. I felt so relieved about it, that's what really matters to me now and I promised myself to keep it that level all the way at all times.

At this media preview to kick-start this campaign, as the members of the media we were treated to a variety of activities including health check by Guardian Pharmacists and a dialogue with Guardian’s Health Advisor Siti Aishan Mohd Yunis. I enjoyed learning new tips to take good care of our health and wellness by consuming the right nutrition with supplements shared during the session esp. on the laxative subject like detox tea,  where we've been advised to take it after our supper/Sahur while enjoying the Malaysian good food. 

Back with the theme “ Sihat dan Anggun Sempena Aidilfitri” this year, the campaign continues to raise awareness and educate customers on how they can maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle during the month-long fast, culminating in the festive celebrations. To celebrate this coming Hari Raya 2015, most important thing is we need to eat healthily based on each individual health condition, drink lots of water, exercise daily and never forget to take our supplements with a detox programme too.

In particular, Guardian has identified and offers a wide range of health, beauty and wellness products that would meet customers’ needs. After taking this Sunsweet Prune Juice that day, it took an immediate detox effects on me with 2 times toilet break. My metabolism active rate reacted really fast with prune juice actually. That night, I felt so light and easy after the detox effects on me even after I've indulged myself with so many yummy good food that day.

Skin care and make-up styles and trends for this season by Guardian’s Beauty Advisor Evelyn Tay, who's a qualified beauty guru gave us many pointers, tips and tricks to do our makeup and skincare regime. Elana was the volunteer for this beauty session having the chance trying on the new Guardian Jeju Brightening Mask to achieve radiant skin that afternoon.

Ramadhan is a time when Muslims across the world fast during the hours of daylight. In hot climate countries such as Malaysia, the heat and humidity could take a toll on the body and fatigue often sets in. Great makeup skills by Guardian staffs and I even compliment him for doing a good job after the makeup session. While for the hair care session by Head of A Cut Above Academy Peter Wong, he managed to make us laugh a lot and learned a tip or two from his many years of experience in haircare business.

“It can be a challenge for many to remain energized throughout Ramadhan, further to that staying healthy in order to enjoy the festivities of Hari Raya. Our aim is to empower our Muslim customers by highlighting the importance of a healthy and balanced lifestyle throughout this period,” said Jennifer Wong, Corporate Affairs and Events Senior Manager, Guardian Malaysia.

In particular, Guardian has identified and offers a wide range of health, beauty and wellness products that would meet customers’ needs. The Guardian “ Sihat dan Anggun Sempena Aidilfitri” health and beauty campaign starts 24th Jun and will end on 21st July 2015.

And last but not least, the most-awaited cooking session of delicious healthy cooking for Ramadhan and Raya by celebrity chef Anis Nabilah. She's pretty, nice and a great Chef actually as the way I see her cooking with ease preparing the Raya specialty for us, in the end she managed to delish our stomach happiness with her Chicken Rendang and Muffin. I even told Carol and Marini she deserves a good review for her fabulous cooking skill and they also agreed with me because we really enjoyed the appetising dinner real pleasurably.

During this period, customers at all Guardian stores nationwide will enjoy attractive promotions on selected vitamins, supplements, beauty products, pain relievers, deodorant, perfume as well as skin and hair care products. We had good times, great taste memories to reminisce here so we took more pictures to commemorate this special occasion at Carcosa Seri Negara.

There are similar promotions available on Guardian’s online store also, you can visit or check out their Facebook page at for more updates and promotions. Stay healthy, happy and pretty this Ramadhan season so that we can celebrate the coming Hari Raya holiday in a more gleeful and wonderful celebration with our loved ones. Stay tuned!

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