Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Dignified Life

As time goes by, the clock ticking so quickly I really wish I could stop the time to go more slowly from now on as I only have 7 more months to enjoy my 30's before joining my good friends in their 40's. I like spending my precious time with them esp. with my family and friends who are in their 40's to 60's friends because they know how to treasure me just like the way I respected them so much. I've never been a threat to them as they can cope with my success profoundly together, understanding my golden dreams and glory, and most importantly, we're able to support+uplift each other to such a great length by achieving our dreamy fantasy together. Haha...In fact, they've been rushing me "Faster lah" into joining them in their 40's so we can group ourselves in the '40's Group' real soon. Just like that day dinner, Gugu asked me again to confirm about my age I told her next year I'm gonna join their tribe of 40's real soon.

Even Rambo's niece YH who's studying in Taiwan University wished me "Happy Mother's Day", mentioning Jacinta under the nice picture message she sent to Da Jie+Sis Hoon+Sis Toto and Gugu. Gugu, I can understand she is because after marrying Bro. Chai, she is considered a stepmom to CELim liao but why me? When it comes 'Ka Ka Yau Bun Lan Lim Dik Ging' - Every family will have their own problem of real life stories, including Gugu also she got so torn and stuck in Bro.Chai's parenting method at times and got frustrated with him last year, she told me about it and I tried to help them solve their family problem standing on a neutral position. The last time when Lim Family tried to lecture Bro.Chai's parenting skills, he got madly furious about it and I have did my very best to soothe his heart that night.

Not only I fully support the way he taught his beloved son using strict parenting skill, I also told all of the brother and sister to talk nicely with each other from now on. That night, they got so shocked seeing Bro.Chai acting this way because he has never 'Fatt Pei Hei' before in this kinda manner. Everyone have their own method of teaching their own kids, so long they managed to teach their kids having great attitude in life having good manners, integrity and good moral values, it's good enough. Although all Lim brothers and sisters can be loving with each other, they tend to have many comments and opinions about each other kids bad behaviour sometimes, to the extent the parents only kept quiet about it because they didn't know how to deal with them esp. when they got out of hand terribly.

Sometimes I only keep quiet about it, Rambo too because we know where we stand, we're not parents so we didn't wana get entangle in their complicated situation, unless Sis Toto kept talking to us wanting us to help them solve their problems. And their eldest son also keep sharing his points of view with me where I also understand his feelings about the whole scenario. In the end, I asked Rambo to talk to his son that her mommy really loves him very much, that's what really matters. When she's back from work, she needs to destress by having chats with us with unstoppable laughters, be fair to her. And on my side, I tried talking to Sis Toto giving him all the bright lights memories by asking her, "You remember you told me how much you love your sons so much they mean everything to you. He's only complaining today because he misunderstood you but he never really mean to hurt you, I'm sure you know that right. Both of you just stay calm and cool, give yourself time and be good to each other ok." 

After a few days, they are back together as a happy family liao after she keep me posted on her life stories. Where got 'Kak Ye Sau'(overnight grudges) in the family? I told her. Like she told me, they're not staying with each other everyday at the same house can go on having world war 3 in the family, what to say for those who stay close to each other everyday in the family. Everyone have their own battles to fight for, the war between families or siblings rivalry, or sometimes a mom like her who got torn between two lovers of her son and hubby who always told her no need to bring his eldest son back home on weekends since he's studying in a private school. She always asked me to judge on this matter amicably and I told Bro.Cheong he shouldn't put Sis Toto in this dire strait of situation because as a mom, she gave birth to her beloved son whom she loves so much for 18 years and married to you for 20 years, how can you expect her to choose between you two? Absolutely no way!

And recently after ZW got 7As in his SPM result, we gave him great applause with words of encouragement. I also told Bro.Cheong from now on, as a proud father he needs to love him more and get a gift for him as to show how supportive he can be to him so that Sis Toto will be happy. And he did, Sis Toto told me they bought him a drum set cost about RM3000+ and got him a second hand car with updated accessories so he can drive to school now. Haha..."You must be the happiest mom on earth now" and she was feeling totally stoked now. In fact, ZW is very respectful when he greeted me everytime we meet. I like his happy go lucky character, he have many good friends who are supportive of him and he's actually a good mommy's boy who will be protective and supportive of Sis Toto in the near future. I always reminding them both to keep on loving each other more each day because they're one of the best example of a good mom and a good son in society to follow indeed. A good son comes from a good mom's great teachings, and it's not easy to find that kinda good example nowadays. That's life!

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