Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Malaysian Good Food

My typical weekend is 'bound to be found mission' in hunting for new cafe or restaurants for good food in town from my country Malaysia. Usually those food that I've shared comes with pork dishes, some even decorated with crispy BBQ 'Siew Yoke' that's very yummy for the many Chinese food lovers.'s only that I didn't take pork since I was little and I asked them to replace it with Fishcake, Ikan Bilis etc. Malaysia is considerably very hospitable, nice and kind enough to accommodate my eating habits most of the time, unlike the other countries they never really listened well or can ever fulfil my order most of the time. That's when this Fire Dragon will show her real Dragon personality where I would reject it and asked them to cook again, although I was afraid they will 'Ga Liu' (add extra ingredients for nasty cook). To me when it comes to food, I'm a fussy and choosy food lover but I'm very blessed to be born here in my homeland, the land that's full of delicious food everywhere I travelled to. 

No doubt about it and you can't deny that my country from North, East, South and West have their own different kinda flavours of yummy food based on the many different cultures we came across with. Masing-masing with its own distinctive best of the best cooking flavours like Kedah - Laksa Utara, Johor - White Bakuteh which I only ordered the veges+mushrooms (many have not heard or taste of it yet even after more than 20 years I've been telling them to try it), Ipoh - Pomelo Prawn Dishes, Penang - Assam Laksa particularly has been nominated standing top at No.7 under The Best Food In The World of an article I had read from a travel magazine during my flight to Europe. In fact, if I'm given the chance to eat as much as I can without really need to bother much of my health, I can take 3 bowls of Assam Laksa easily yet I will still craving for more of it. Haha...when it comes to Laksa, be it Sarawak Laksa, Laksa Johor I never had enough of it. The list will go on and on... 

Even on my 39th birthday celebration with Rambo this year celebrated at Hotel Millenium KL, the manager has asked if we would like to take the buffet but I rather chose the ala carte order this time. I actually ordered the Nasi Goreng malay-styled with Sate, Prawn Shui Kao Noodle and a salad with Italian dressing, starting with their saliva-dripping special cocktail. Both Rambo and I enjoyed the local Malaysian meal so much, he said it's totally worth it to spend the RM100+ for it so long it managed to delish my stomach happiness that night. Recently I think many Chinese restaurants are very 'Guo Fen'(over the limit) when they tried to use the GST to manipulate their customers, over charging us the customers with RM400+ bill for small plate dishes of 5 pax only which was supposedly prepared for 10 people and definitely, there's no 2nd time visiting this restaurant again at Bandar Mahkota Cheras.

Sis Toto always inviting me for Sunday dinner at this Kepong Chinese Restaurant where they had managed to prosper 3 restaurants liao up-to-date this year in 2015. We usually ordered their best 6 dishes with one famous Chicken Ginger condiments that you will not be able to find it anywhere else from around the world, except here in Malaysia only. They added a fresh big fish and other yummy dishes suited for 12-14 pax that comes to a total bill of RM150 maximum only. That's why so many people love coming here to dine with family, you can never find a table empty here unless you reserve a table early and it's also clean+tidy like a 5 star restaurant. You need not go to any luxury Chinese restaurant for good food with the best price charged like this, no way. In fact I'm not a fan of Chicken dishes also due to Buddhism cultivation, but I may take a piece or two just for the yummy+healthy ginger condiments. Even Rambo's uncle from Pahang love dining here with us all the time. That's life, enjoy life to the fullest!  

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