Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Journey Of My Shopping History

Everyone in my family members knew I'm not a fan of Black or White colour for my passion in fashion. Sometimes I came across many lovely designs of dresses or vest in black but I didn't buy it. I've never ever fancy for dull looking clothes to add in my wardrobe. But after ZALORA 1st discovered my blog post for Asia's Next Top Model/ZALORA that I've shared on the 25th March for their preview, they started to invite me for their fashion shows. Their PR thanked me personally, told me they loved the blog post very much and started to invite me for their future fashion events now. I'm only doing my very best to convey the message loud and clear in social media after attending the event. My LeAnne is more active than me actually, a Scorpion who constantly updating her pictures on Instagram with relevant hashtags somemore. 

It's ironic that some people will like you just the way you are or they may love your blog no matter what you do, or some may not like you because you're too famous or too selfish attending those events without sharing it with your friends. But over the years, I've learned that sometimes people like us who are so busy with hectic lifestyles and schedules, we only managed to care for our own business or forgot to invite unless they called and asked me about it. I usually will forward and invited them along as I always like the happy phrase of 'The more, the merrier. Even my hubby complained to me sometimes I didn't spend much time with him any more, I quickly put a halt brake to my weekend events not attending any of it and I had a great lunch with him because he doesn't wana join any of my blogging events with me. 

Back to my original story above, I was grateful to ZALORA also to invite me personally all the time and I got to shop from ZALORA which I seldom shop online. I prefer to go shopping sakan by myself like what the orang kaya(rich people) did without looking at the price but 'Ngo Zou Emm Chut'(I just couldn't do it) because I'm too calculative when it comes to smart shopping now. When I buy something I like or fell in love with at the very 1st sight, 'Ngo Tok Guo, Ngo Lem Guo' (I measure it up, I thought about it) really carefully and thoughtfully whether it's worthy to buy it or not that comes along with the freebies+goodies also to complement my purchase. Last time when I was younger I never really care much about the value of money, that's why I simply spend and wasted alot of money. My hubby Rambo always said if all my things he went to 'curi'curi' (secretly) pawn it out, he may have gained at least a million dollar in the bank already. Calculative as in too smart for a person doesn't brings you happiness but will only brings you loneliness, and I didn't wana belongs under this group of people.

In fact, everytime he said that he makes me feel so sad. My heart was bleeding painfully like a big sharp knife penetrating deeply into my heart and I really regret about it. I wish I could turn back the time but I know the reality really bites. I only need to learn how to gulp the regrets forcefully and looking forward to move on with a better life only. That's why I seldom buy any branded goods like before and sometimes I missed those Prada or Mikimoto invitation to their much-awaited grand opening or exclusive invites, I told myself it's a blessing in disguise because I need not spend any money at the event or need to fall in love with their new collections. I use the reverse psychology method to soothe my aching heart, it's easier to digest with the regret pain that I'm suffering. In fact, I've been trying hard to treat my broken heart of losing so much of money by not spending money any of my money which I know I would failed so I took Rambo's card to pay for my shopping now. 

And he said, "Pandai you! I've learned my lesson well and I need to forgive myself to move on with my life. I didn't simply spend my money on unnecessary things now but still, I have yet to conquer my food temptation shopping in Isetan. I tend to buy the new Kopiko Mocha, Hongkie Scallop Noodle and Japanese goodies to delish my stomach happiness.Haha...Rambo really beh tahan me, he quickly pulled me out from there after I've chosen a few new food items. He's not just afraid but scare to think about it when I go for my grocery shopping as it's a never-ending story for me like a merry go round trip when I'm stuck in a supermarket. He used to joke with me when I was in Japan, people buy things using the basket but I may need a container to bring back home as everything seemed new for me there so obviously I wish to try it and buy it for my family+friends to enjoy as well. But he managed to pull me away from there asap, thank God for that!

When I started to shop online through ZALORA, I see that they liked to market black and white, or plain colour clothing but the designs are alluring, fascinating and enticing enough to attract me to choose at least a few of them. And the price is reasonable and affordable too, so I managed to choose the Black Jacket and the White Dress which I've paired it up together. I didn't wear this Black and White pairing purposely to impress the ZALORA theme that day, but I wear it with a great cause purpose to give my full support for the Sabah Earthquake Dress Code of Black or White that Monday although I'm not a fan of Black or White at all. Everyday when I do good deeds like this, I feel good about it and when Rambo suggested to give donation to them, I told him just make sure he find the good, genuine ones will do. I'm thankful that my blog has managed to sparkle some shine of lucky stars for me to shop online now. 

Stay tuned for the updates of my diary of 'Jacinta's Journey in Shopping History' so you'll be able to shop wisely from now on, don't repeat the same mistakes that I've taken in my life. Everyone makes mistakes along the way, I was one of them but it dawned to me now I need to make the change for better rather than self-pitying myself which brings me no benefits at all. I'm a strong woman who knows what I want in my life all the time, I may stumble and fall but I'm able to stand strong, staying alive again and pull myself back to my original strong robot of the same old Jacinta who has never change all my life. I'm truly blessed to have Guan Yin and Amituofo to bless me 24 hours a day, a loving hubby to love me for who I really am and my beloved family and friends who treasure me so much. Life is good and smooth!

It's good to be able to share things on Facebook everyday because sometimes I only post those cute little things like 'XiHu Long Jing Cha', the healthy Xihu Green Tea from Shanghai China we bought thousand dollars with the 'Cha Duo Fen'(Tea Polyphenols) actually helped many people from sinus problem or weight loss like Rambo's fantastic result of 70kgs his ideal weight finally. Now all his family and business associates knew about his latest discovery of this tea channel now with anti-aging and anti-cancer tea prevention, they may tumpang Rambo to get it for them in our next trip to China. I didn't mean to brag about it, my main purpose is to share it for health, beauty and wellness purpose so that the others can opt for this kinda natural remedies of treatments to solve their weight or sinus problem and they found it out from my Facebook sharing where they further asked me about it through personal message. That's called life!

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