Thursday, June 11, 2015

Swissline Cell Shock Overnight "V" Mask Set Review

In my last Shanghai Spring holiday staying at this 7 star regal 'The Azure Qiantang Hotel', I purposely
brought along Cell Shock Overnight V Mask for a total pampering after my luxurious long bath here. I
was very tired looking forward to rest and relax early for a good night sleep liao, but I still remember
that I need to pamper my dull skin back to bright and youthful skin. Lucky I did because the next day,
my skin was energized, boosted by this powerful product with such significant difference on my skin. 

The sculpting Patch-Mask is presented with a cold-metal massage roller applicator formulated to drain
and slim the contour of the jawline and under chin area. For me, I use it on my cheek too as to uplift my
skin firmer and to maintain my high cheek bone shape as well. The amazing part is the roller was made 
from good quality, it can roll all over my delicate skin easily & smoothly.

The Lifting Infusion-Mask acts like a second skin to seal active ingredients and deliver long-night benefits with
transforming results. And it did a marvelous job for me as the next day when I woke up, I can see that my 
skin was lifted up firmly high with no sagging skin and I looked radiant too. I'm actually very lazy to roll it
over my face and neck initially, but as time goes by enjoy using it now because it gives me a tremendous 
good result and I love the divine scent of the mask that managed to relax my body, mind & soul perfectly.
If you wish to enjoy this fantastic product of all time, you can read more about it at; 


  1. wow.. so enjoy :D pampering time

    1. Haha...Yea, one of my most memorable holiday I ever had in my life. Go for it dear! :D