Monday, June 22, 2015

The 7 Star Hotel Experience - The Azure Qiantang, China

The night before I arrived at this 7 star grand Azure Qiantang Hotel in Hangzhou, one of my tour member Ms.Yoon from Korea who looked like one of the Korean girls band member(I think they all looked alike) asked all of us when are we going to stay at this 7 star hotel as everyone who signed up for this Shanghai 8 days tour were looking forward to stay in this hotel and they got so excited about it since Day 1 of this China tour.

In fact, they've been waiting for the moment to materialise just like the long-neck giraffes wandering around the jungle of China. Ms.Yoon was kinda lost in translation all along the journey in China although she can speaks a little Mandarin but not fully into understanding the Chinese culture or deeper meaning on Chinese meanings so she would asked us in English whenever she had doubts about something. 

My 26 group members of this Shanghai trip, 7 pax of us always stayed close sitting in one table having lunches and dinners together. One of them was a lecturer in Universiti Malaya teaching science physics, both Rambo and I plus Jeline and Mr.Asogan are in the business world, and Ms.Yoon and her Korean mom are staying temporarily in Malaysia until she finished her study at Taylor's College. 

On the 6th day of this trip, she couldn’t helped it but to ask us all again when are we going to stay in this luxury hotel and she told me all her friends have never heard about this 7 star hotel at all. Seeing no one in our group members answering any of her questions because none of them are into travelling extensively like us, I tried to clear away her doubts about it. 

I explained to her, “In this world from what I’ve known and heard all my life, there’s no 6 or 7 star hotel. I only know the maximum star rating for hotel is 5 star hotel just like the famous Shangri-La Hotel in Shanghai China owned by Robert Kuok - The Richest Tycoon from Malaysia, who is also known as the 'Tong Wong' Sugar King. One night stay in Shangri-La will cost you RMB1200 per night. 

The Azure Qiantang Hotel that we’re staying tonight is going to cost you RMB1500 per night at the low peak season minimum. They claimed it to be 7 star like the Burj Al-Arab in Dubai which I wanted to follow one of the tour before last 2 years ago costing about RM19,000+ through a travel agency promotion, but that time I was not free so I didn’t go for it. They must have valid reasons to award the additional 2 stars extra for their value-added services of this hotel to be called 7 star hotel."

Then I shared with all of them my experience staying at the 6 star hotel in Taiwan at Taipei with a complimentary porn movie which I never utilized at all but I did enjoyed the swimming pool-sized hot spring Jacuzzi in my huge romantic room - specially catered for honeymooners there. Jeline asked me to get her the tour agency contact details of this Taiwan trip I told her about so she can experience it as well.

I then assured her "Sure, will do once we’re back to KL." She laughed out loud uncontrollably listening to my story about this 6 star hotel story in which I have many great fond memories of it too. After I have explained it to Ms.Yoon and her mom, the 2 Koreans then understood and like the usual Koreans and Japanese they got my message loud and clear, they said “Aaah, Ok. Thank you."  

Mr.Asogan also totally agreed with my explanation and said, “Yea, maybe later they may come up with a 8 star hotel.” Haha…anything is possible in this world as long you have the money and power only. And with powerful, impactful current status like China of today, they can build anything grand, luxury and futuristic in this world as they have the money, power and capabilities of resources and skills to show the world. 

Every countries wanted to be part of their global alliances in business, banking, tourism, transportation, manufacturing etc. Jeline told me she enjoyed the night stay here doing her Yoga and for me, I can dance Salsa or Tango with Rambo also in this big, lovely room of ours. Haha...all of us have good things to share about this beautiful, wonderful hotel.  

In fact, the Chinese tour guide told us he was so jealous and envious of us after knowing we had an enjoyable good night stay here and now he wished to experience the same pleasure we had experienced in this hotel. That night the moment we entered into this grand hotel, everyone got so stoked and enchanted by the luxury of this hotel. A pretty lady opening the huge hotel door and welcoming everyone of us into their hotel kingdom with grand gesture. 

The driver, Chinese and Malaysian tour guides have to leave us behind because they're not allowed to stay here for free or complimentary, they left with a heavy heart to a nearby cheaper hotel. Everyone got so excited about it as I can their eyes were lighten up like the bright stars in the sky, we were treated like the celebrities. Many of them even took back souvenir that's complimentary from this hotel like the premium toiletries, if it's given free they also wished to take back the latest coffee machine in the hotel that's 'canggih'(sophisticated) everyone were talking about it non-stop. 

I was too exhausted from my long day tour all around Shanghai, I just need to pamper my body, mind and soul to total rest relaxation. I took a long hot bath, scrub my whole body with the new Rosemary+Lavender Scrub that smells heavenly divine for me and a finale Swissline Face mask pampering before I fell asleep blissfully that night. 

The pillow and bed were fluffy, made from good quality Rambo told me as I used to complain a lot on China's hotel bed that's hard and not comfortable even from the 4 star or 5 star hotel sometimes. I have double twin bed that night which were big enough to accommodate my dear Charmers(3 girls) also if they come along with me on this trip. Definitely it's more worthy to pay this price for 5 pax staying in this hotel.

Fascinating views from where I was enjoying my delightful breakfast. I had a great breakfast buffet spread from this luxury hotel, from the very 1st bowl of Shanghai Noodle specially-made by their world-renowned Chef of this famous hotel located at 24th floor with a spectacular view ever. 

We're spoilt for good food choices with international varieties of Western, Japanese and even the Chinese palate that managed to attract our hunger for more good food here. They really managed to hook our interest in enjoying good food here for hours where I wished I can stay here longer for another hour or two. 

Both Rambo and I agreed that we wouldn't mind to visit Shanghai and stay in this hotel again just for another paradise night to be repeated in our lifetimes again. Haha...fantastic stay and delightful good food. The soup was so tasty, I even asked Rambo to get another bowl of the noodle again and we're both enjoying it together feeling so lovey-dovey about it. 

This is called a good life I told Rambo where we spend a little, but the luxury of life stayed dazzling and glaring in our memories till forever. I was glad I came across this opportunity to travel in luxury like this, touring many enthralling places all around Jiangnan, China and I get to shop till I drop for many things I loved this time. 

When I bring down my luggage, the hotel 'Bell Lady' insisted to help carry my luggage even when I said no need, and still she helped to place it for me at the group luggage section. Now I know why they dare to claim this hotel to be 7 star hotel in China history, the 2 extra stars should be awarded for their excellent customer service and best of the best good food ever been served from this particular hotel only. 

I think so far only this 'Azure Qiantang' Hotel has provided me the everlasting good memories of what good food is all about from China, a new fantastic good food discovery for me in this trip of China. Haha...This is what I called a luxury, beauty 7 star hotel that I wouldn't mind to visit again in future, that's for sure! 

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