Wednesday, January 22, 2014

ANNA SUI Minnie Mouse Makeup Kit 2013

My X'mas splurge on Anna Sui limited edition Minnie Mouse Makeup collection
and I love the elegant Anna Sui pouch that comes with a butterfly chain.
I fell in love with it at the very 1st sight and quickly grab it from Anna Sui Pavilion at Parkson X'mas Party.

The collection comes with a lovely Minnie Mouse Lipstick and a nice eyecolour palette with its unique design.
'Sayang' to use as it's too cute but nowadays, I need to learn not to waste money
and use it for good. I love the sexy red colour that brings out the glowing look of
sexy, plumping lip on me as the texture is rich enough to live up the glamour. 

No regrets buying it, in fact this is one of my best buy in 2013 that I would keep on using till 2014. Love it lot!

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