Thursday, January 16, 2014

BCWA 2013

The Wacoal surprising pink gifts, nice comfortable panties to cute bag at the event. 

My main concern attending it is to keep myself updated with BCWA and donate some money only. I learnt
much that night and I was glad I came as I met a long lost friend there. It's about timing we'll meet again. 

Wacoal innerwear is always my favourite brand in intimate wear because it's beautifully made from the best
material. The bra designs they shown to us were all specially designed from Europe and cost RM300+-RM500.
Expensive nowadays, but it's really perfect in its style with 3D Rose, adorn in soft lace and comfortable as well. 

And the trend of the fashion style now is wearing a transparent shirt that you can see the beautiful bra inside.
I think it's sexy but I don't agree with the trend of wearing this trend in public because it's way too dangerous
for the ladies unless you're going to the beach or pool.

The AVON BCWA Pink booth at Giant Subang. Everything is pretty in pink, the bra, beauty products to bags. 

The private room for PSP check, complete with professional guidance and examiners' assistance for BCWA check.

The pink display of AVON products with important BCWA brochures, look convincing and welcoming enough.  

After taking some pictures+celoteh we took the chance to bond together that afternoon, I gotta leave soon to
meet my dear Charmers for dinner. Kel thought I would join the Nuffnang event at Sunway but I told her I can't.
Haha...obviously I wish to join her go makan-makan as a 'Wai Sik Queen', but then my commitment as a nanny to
my dear Charmers is my top priority in life. They're the love of my life now and they fully filled my life completely!

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