Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Secrets of Slim, Fit Remedy

Finally after 4 months of going through Shaping Up Challenge with SaSa, they
asked feedbacks about it and this is my summary of keeping myself healthy fit!
Honestly I replied them that besides taking healthy food with more veges and fruits,
I started taking healthy drink like Yakult. But after attending the healthy workshop
with much exercise of Rumba and Yoga, I can lose weight easily esp. for me. 
I tend to sweat a lot during any exercise be it Badminton and even Yoga or relaxing at the Ecoparadise Spa also,
my sister Defney was surprised to see me sweat so much. I have very high metabolic rate, that's why I can see
good results of the products that I took even with only one time taking it. I believe in taking tea and drink lots
of water can help to burn fats, wash away those bad toxins by urinating it every 2 hours and taking enzyme
every now and then to cleanse the blood system. 

Once our blood is clean enough and having sufficient water, it can flow smoothly all over our body system.
When I explained this to Rambo recently due to his overweight problem, he quickly commit himself to take
3 litres of water daily to detox as he's always a good follower if the facts make sense to him. I also cut down
his rice intake as he loves taking rice like a big pot of it. But if he don't exercise after taking so much of rice,
most likely the carbo can turned into unwanted fats which not only make him fat but can be diabetic too.
Wearing comfortable and fitting the right lingerie for the right reasons is so vital in our daily intimate wear.
Not only it enhance the shape of our natural beauty in bust and butt care, it also boost up our image from
inner to outer confidence in looking beautifully sexy. It is women's right to look pretty and healthy always.
And it's so important to attend every healthy workshop to keep myself healthy fit,
not just slim. To me, looking plump is still ok but not fat that would lead to obesity
because fat will only burden us in the long run esp.on health issue like heart failure,
heart attack/heart disease. Heart is not like any other organ where you can cleanse
like kidney failure(painful) or fix it easily if there's any complication. 
Haha...this is one of the funny joke I came across and it actually happen to Rambo
and I naturally. We always plan to go for a Basketball game, Tennis and Swimming
together that week but sometimes due to my busy events, we procrastinate it for
weeks and months, finally we only went for Ecoparadise Spa for health wellness. 
My final honest reaction to SaSa about the 'Shape-Up Challenge' also include besides using COLLISTAR
products religiously everyday, short exercise and all of the above points mentioned by me, I make sure my
strong mental is always reminding me to stay positive by living healthy life taking the right supplements for
woman and eating the right food with the right servings only. I eat like normal where I still take rice, noodles
and bread, I took small portion and bite slowly so I will digest properly with lots of water and I stop taking
heavy supper now(used to eat all night long). I know I'm underweight at 42kgs but as long I eat healthy, I
know my body will not lie to me that I'm living freely without feeling heavy, bloating and sick. Tq Amituofo!

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