Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Spring Bling 2014

Happy Galloping to the year of Horse Wood 2014. Let's hope this auspicious celebration will bring us more prosperity, nobility and opportunity to success. The 'Cheong Hei'(long-winded) of me still wana remind everyone including myself to stay healthy besides happy and pretty in life. Only health will ensure more wealth would come knocking on our doorsteps, without having to waste our time suffering in pain. Health is the ultimate Wealth! And make sure to wear a brand new clothes on CNY, full of colourful designs with Red, Pink, Orange and Golden Yellow colour that would attract good fortune in your life. We definitely need more good lucks in our lives to go 'Sun Sun Lei lei', smoothly along the way.

Just last year 2013, I already reminded my family and friends not to wear Black colour on Chinese New Year Day. It turned out to be one of the family member from Rambo Lim's Family did and he left us to another world already. I can't answer if it's such a co-incidence of a bad event that happened to him, but again this topic of wearing Black came to light in our gathering again last 6 months ago when I showed them the CNY picture. They agreed to the the fact of it, but it was too late then or is it maybe it's his destiny of life, we really cannot ascertain that for sure.  

Be it the truth or not, I'm a Fire Dragon who always wear bright, colourful clothings to shine out my inner feelings of happiness. I make sure I'm excited enough to wear comfortable, nice clothes everyday. I'm not a superstitious kinda woman who simply believe things that's not necessary to practise good things in life. If it's important and make sense to me, I totally go all out for it. Things like this should be shared and cherish with my loves ones as we only live once, so we make sure we live life to the fullest. 

Like I always told them, "You dress to success, not just dress to impress. You dress to please yourself, once you're happy and pretty, you'll be motivated to do things more actively and eventually, it brings good result to things you've did happily." All this simple rules of life actually hidden inside your positive mental state of mind. Just maximise the potential out of it. Even this year CNY 2014, I reminded my sister Defney she needs to re-brand and re-create her wardrobe colour again this year as her clothes were full of dull, black colour. 

I asked her again last Saturday if she have shop for brand new clothes this coming CNY 2014, she told me yea she just went that day and bought colourful clothings. And to make sure she really adding colours into her life, I asked her what colour and she replied me colourful enough with many bright colours."Haha...Good!" Nowadays, my dear Charmers always asked me if their clothings with colours wear on them compatible for them or not as sometimes, I did mention to them those pairings are not suitable and they quickly changed that. They're learning fast esp. the two Horses I'm talking about here, Defney and Ying Shan.

I'm not saying you cannot wear Black but wear it when the occasion/event requires you to wear 'Black'. I have many Black clothings also but I only wears it when it's necessary and when I need to wear Black, I just pair it with Black/White coat or scarf only just to respect the dress code mentioned in the RSVP List. My good friend EK won 'Best Dressed Queen', she thanked me for her winning glory but I told her it's her luck and destiny. I really poured my heart and soul getting her the best CheongSam together and I'm very happy for her that's for sure. Money cannot buy the crowning glory she have won for herself, it's the happiness of good memories that really matters to her. 

To me, money is not everything that would make me happy entirely but I believe money can buy happiness to others, then by all means spend it and be happy about it. My sis told me KC our friend just sold 2 of her properties and planning to get a new Mercedes Benz. I gave her a bright Green Light to go all out for it as if she can afford it, why not if not now then when she's gonna enjoy her life. She have so many properties and now trying to sell it one by one, less commitment is better like I always told them as you only live to be happy, not 'live to work or work to live'. Never work for the bank, let the bank works for you. I'm happy for her glorious life because I know it's all her good fortunes she's reaping and enjoying now after cultivating good deeds all these years.  All the good things that happen in her life came from her own hard work and good blessings in life. 

She's happy giving out angpows because she thinks that it's her 'Fook Hei' and a privilege to be able to give. A positive, noble thought of hers and exactly what Rambo always taught me, "Give and you'll receive". Haha...I gave and I never expect much also but it seems that what they both have taught me is so true as I do strike Magnum/Toto a few times a year. Rambo never strikes his buying number before and I always teased that's because he's 'Kiamsiap' (stingy). Haha...but I'm glad for whoever he is today because I truly loves him for loving me faithfully, not for his money definitely. So long he's healthy and happy, I'm truly happy too. Finally, wishing all of you "Happy CNY 2014, may the gallop Horse Year brings us abundance year full of prosperity, nobility and opportunity in life!"    

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