Thursday, January 2, 2014

bloop nail it sticker

Thanks to HiShop I got this nail it with shimmer bloop design. Haha...that's what I want from them for manicure,
shining bling bling and shimmering with colourful design like this. I love it the moment I received it from HiShop.

The other designs available here at bloop Sunway Pyramid. Manicure, Pedicure, Stickers and all nail products. 

Before picture of my nails. Usually, my nails would be protected by base coat before I apply any nail designs.

After picture with the stickers on, look wonderful and beautiful like I have just
done a manicure session. What I like most about bloop stickers is the thin layer
of stickers that can be stretchable long enough to cover my nails. It's not hard
like other bad quality stickers that never last long.
I've tried many other stickers type from Europe to many new brands in town,
this is the best so far that can last me for a whole week. Can always apply top
coat to make it last longer. For more infos, check it out at bloop counters and
HiShop online at

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