Friday, January 24, 2014

The Importance of Speaking True, Necessary and Kind Words

Last Sunday my dear ally Sis Toto invited us to her house for a Vegan Dinner, Bro.Chai helped her all along in cooking the Vegetarian dishes that day as he's a total Vegan. A total Vegan in Buddhism like him means he cannot take garlic, onions because this food can/would stimulate the sex hormone drive from the body system which also clearly stated in the Buddhism Sutra. And even to the extent to some strict Buddhist practitioners, they cannot even eat from the wok that used to cook food that contain meat. There are many rules and regulations or restrictions to some Buddhists who really devoted themselves into Buddhism, some are 'Chui Yuen'(go the natural way of simple living Buddhist like me). Bro.Chai always encourage me to go Vegan with him but I honestly told him I can't because I'm a 'Wai Sik Queen'(true) but I will do my very best to eat more veges with less meat(necessary) to spare animal killings(kind).

I remember the last gathering we had with Rambo's best buddies at SA's new house party, there are two groups of the 'Meat Eaters vs. Buddhist Vegans' sitting with us. SA is the host who took a full plate of Chicken, Lok-Lok Steamboat sticks, Sate and Indian Lambchop, sitting beside me on the right. Rambo was sitting on my left side, next to him is his best buddy PA and KH, who's a wealthy but humble Vegetarian like Rambo. PA was forced to eat more veges due to his obesity problem and through the Chinese Doctor who prescribed him Chinese treatments. In fact, all of them went to see this Chinese Dr. together at one time. SA teased him about taking veges only on his plate, he's definitely not satisfied with his meal nowadays and they both even brought up the topic of why taking veges is not consider killing as it's also a living being.

Rambo and KH are both Buddhists who practise and learning 'Di Zi Gui' by 'Chin Kung Fa Se' so they tried to explain to them in the Buddhist point of view. PA was not convinced and so he asked, "What do you think Jacinta?" Haha...the reason why I stayed quiet and listen to their conversation only because I was busy eating, enjoying munching on the food and I lost count how many plates I have taken already. Being a half Vegan, half Meat Taker of me tried explaining to all of them that "Yes, veges/fruits are also living being that's full of life but it was created for us so we can cook a delicious meal out of it. If you have watch 8TV there's a documentary show that featured about this group of beautiful people who form a healthy organic farm producing fresh, full of bountiful plants by their own efforts. They talked to them, they thanked the plants after they were fully blossom and ripen for giving us healthy food(True, Necessary and Kind)." 

And last but not least, I also quote some of Master Chin Kung's amazing true stories from his own experience in life for them to know more about the benefits of taking veges. KH who's a fan of Master Chin Kung was very impressed with my long story also asked how I got to know all the facts I just shared with them and I told him all the important knowledge came through reading 'Chin Kung Fa Se' books. Nowadays, my real treasure comes from all his books that I have read and I'm very thankful to the person who have translated it into English. He's gonna reap so much good fortunes because I'm one of the lucky reader who gets to benefit so much from reading it and now, I'm able to share it with others through blog, Buddhist societies, my family and friends. No money can buy that and I'm truly grateful for that. 

Just last Saturday, my sister May who's a Tiger Female asked us "Who wana be a 'Chi Sin Ka'?", sharing Kechara good cause to us especially to his Tiger Senior that's Rambo. Rambo then roars back at her, "I dare not say myself as a Chi Sin Ka. Do you know that as a Philanthropist, he/she is someone who is kind and can donate a huge lump sum of money for good causes like Bill Gates and Li Ka Shing." Haha...I laugh seeing their 'gelagat' as both of them love roaring to each other based on their Tiger character. And I'm actually very proud of Rambo for saying this because I always reminding him and he has finally learn to stay humble for who he really is plus whatever good deeds he may have done, treat it as a small contribution only. I wanted him to stay that way, humble like his good buddies and his successful friend like Mr.EG. Till today after so many years, he never failed to send us a grand CNY Hamper from Penang. I really respect him so much, full of philosophy in life. I miss talking to him besides listening to his wise words of wisdom. He's full of life, healthy alive in his 70's and a humble, successful Multi-Millionaire whom I respect a lot. 

Both of his 30's daughter+son respect us a lot for giving them the long-time business and always invited us for dinner of my choice, fully following Mr.EG's instruction. I accept to dine with them sometime in Penang as I knew they're very sincere about it. And it's great having meals with them as we can clicked so well talking about life and business world revolving around us. My Penang friend Gan told me last December he missed seeing my happy, smiling face when he informed me he'll be visiting me in KL soon. Haha...I replied him, "Yea, I miss those gathering we had together with your girlfriend in Penang, but after my Summer Project in May I don't have to travel there liao. It's been more than 6 months that's why." That's life, time really flies so fast that we tend to miss each other after not meeting for awhile as we're all busy living up our lives. Just make sure it's full of life and be truthful in life, then you will have no regrets in life!    

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