Sunday, January 12, 2014

Spring Spirit 2014

Last Saturday when I was having my dinner with Rambo and my stepdad, my dear Charmer Lynette shouted out loud "Dai Yiyi, I have something for you" as she knew I have arrived with my car park outside the house. "Really, thank you dear" I replied her although still having conversation with both Rambo+my dad. I laugh out loud also because deep inside of me, I felt really melt by this girl, who's now 7 years old. I still remember all these years I've been spending time with her, playing Barbie Dolls with her, drawing Hello Kitty with her and those days when she's taking her milk with a milk bottle on my lap but this year she's starting her Standard 1 in school now. 

Time really flies like an arrow that hits the bull's eye. Haha...I remember last two weeks, all 3 of them made cupcakes with my sister May and Dominic together, I knew they were having so much fun. Lynette told me she made 3 cupcakes, the one with the princess on top specially made for me."Really", I was surprised and happy to hear that. Later, when her mom came she asked Lynette and so she told my sis Defney it's for Dai Yiyi. My sis wanted it and so she said she gotta asked me 1st that I told her "Give it to your mommy, Dai Yiyi don't really take cupcake." My sis did asked me when I leave that time if I wanted the cupcake, "Na, you know I don't really take sweet things. You take it!" 

Deep within me, the sweet thought of Lynette making it for me already melt my heart to heaven already. The good seeds that I have planted for them seem to be blossoming into 3 pretty flowers they have become. Rambo seldom praise anyone esp. he's not a fan of kids, but he always compliments my dear Charmers in front of the Lim Family in Hokkien. All of Rambo's bro and sis knew about my dear Charmers good things from him actually as he always complained the boys' behaviours to his bro+sis when he saw how wrong they were. Then, they got scolded by Rambo's sister immediately. Sis Toto used to share with me that she really got mental stress before due to the boys' bad behaviour and I totally understand her fully. Now, the boys have improved so much because they send them to private school to be lecture by the strict principal. 

But I told her, "Boys will be boys forever. No matter how old they're aging, somewhere somehow they still need women to tame and take good care of them."Haha...but from what I see, the boys only need to be control and taught from time to time. Naturally, they're good boys but just need time to teach them good manners like those boys my sis Toto admired from the International school she told me about. All of them just need to start from the basic things 1st, the basic manners. 1st impression is very important, I used to say to my mom I really welcome her to invite the neighbour's well mannered girls to play with my dear Charmers, but too bad they migrated to Australia recently. They used to play together at the living room happily. 

The X'mas card given by my dear Charmers once again melt my heart and soul to Pureland because of the meaningful contents Shan Shan wrote for me. It's written, "Merry X'mas, they love me always and hope this X'mas card would be a nice X'mas gift to me. In my next travel, I need not buy them any gifts but to keep the money for myself." Haha...when I read this, my eyes were full of happy tears filled with so much joys and laughters I just can't describe how grateful I and thankful I can be. I know they're growing up too soon but they're very mature to say all this, they can be so thoughtful now. I know it all stems from the weekly teachings and chats we have every Saturday, I'm deeply charmed by them. I always share with them what I bought for them, they always asked how much and think that's so expensive after the RM conversion from Euros. 

Haha...they're so cute, I enjoyed sharing my thoughts with them all the time as they tend to ask many questions and always make me laugh out loud. Even the X'mas Party, Lynette came 1st thing that evening asking all of us to choose a nice hairband to wear. I chose the Reindeer with Lights but then it was too tight for me, LeAnne asked me to exchange hers and she wears mine. But then I asked her if she can wears that because I don't want her to 'yeong' (tolerate) me and she needs to bear any pain wearing that. She reassured me it's fine for her as long I'm comfortable wearing hers. They have grown to be so understanding, thoughtful and well-mannered girls at this age, I totally feel on top of the world. Really blissful having spent my years and tears 'Joi Pui'(nurture) them to be so beautiful in my life all these years, it's totally worth my precious time. Tq Amituofo! 

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