Sunday, January 19, 2014

Best Of The Best

Besides the Japanese Green Tea that I have praised so highly calling it best of the best green tea I ever had after visiting Kiyomizu Temple in Tokyo, I would say a person who can brings out the best in others, she's also a person among the best of the best. That Japanese green tea is not only cooling us on a hot Summer day, it also soothing our body, mind and soul with its best authentic green tea. Haha...I just can't forget those happy moments I had in Japan, everyday and everything  seems to be a brand new beautiful day getting to experience lovely things that inspired me so much. And that's why I'm grateful when others upload nice photos on Facebook from Japan or anywhere else in the world, I would give a like to encourage them and thankful for their sharing. It's not every often that I would travel to Japan because I would like to travel other places and explore others' culture as well. 

Unlike Rambo, he got to fly all over the world with company's expense to see the world and experience things like his research team+Japanese Boss to Walmart in USA. It's through people sharing something wonderful, we got to learn, see and experience it as well. Even if we don't, we should be happy for others and it would come to a point of time after much careful planning, we get to experience and enjoy it as well. Many times, my Facebook friends really made the effort to go for the trip I have travelled after they liked the same itineries I went with the travel agency and obviously I'm happy for them. Before Facebook, I inspired myself to do my best through reading magazines, travelling, studying in higher level learning from the professionals and attending events. But now with FB, I keep myself update seeing others' pictures already enough to drool me over looking for the best food in town, shopping, keeping update with fashion etc.

Although people may 'Fung Lei', crowned you as a Fashion Queen doesn't mean you stay stagnant old-fashioned of yours all the time. You need to stay open or liberal about it and learn from others as well can a very subjective idea to many. Just like all the years I've been loving, wearing Zang Toi fashion for so many reasons esp.with its bright green and pink colors, those days people said it's 'guong'(bright) but in today's fashion world, the young and old ones also love this kinda bright colours for their clothings. They even bought those bright orange colours because it's the trend of today's fashion world. Sometimes, I saw many young ladies like JQ who posted her OOTD pictures of her fashion world I kinda liked it and inspired to try out that kinda look. I told myself why not, seeing her young lovely looks got me motivated to look vibrant like her all at once. Haha...everyone should be spiralling each other with own's special beauty so we would be encouraged to look pretty and healthy too.

So when you brings out the best in others, somewhere somehow you're the 'Dai Yeng Ga'(the big champion) because in the end, you reap the benefits of your liking based on other people' talents and benefits you in the long run. People who excel in their lives are not your enemies, they're your noble people that you should be thankful for. If you attend to Joey Yap's Feng Shui 2014 esp.the extended workshop at the South Tower Convention Centre, you will understand what I meant by that. What we share about life(not selfie pictures) but big pictures of the place, the food and the 'Hei Fen' of you winning a prize also helps a lot because I would definitely plan a trip there if I can make the time for the great fun. No need to be envious or jealous about seeing other people winning prizes/lucky draws because it would come the right timing, you'll be winning it also in the next trip. But 1st of all, have you make the great effort like Joey Yap said many times, you need to prepare the ground work, do many homework and willing to sacrifice for the success to happen. 

Just last Saturday after having dinner with my Lim Family, my mom showed me her Bazi chart to ascertain her lucks for 2014 after we attended the Joey Yap's Feng Shui Bazi for 2014. I told her she have the certain elements to help her to enhance her lucks for a better life, she needs to ask for it unlike mine, I need to accept the offer of the good opportunity for it. Hers is 'Sin Fu, Hao Tim' with the Water element Joey has taught us that day which means she needs to work hard for it 1st before she can achieve what she wants in life. Both my mom and I felt so fulfilled that day when we left the Feng Shui workshop because we got to learn so much and we think it's gonna benefit us for a smooth life in 2014. I think it's worthwhile to spend that RM20,600 for the whole year Feng Shui programme, free RM23,600 of other interesting workshops I'm interested to learn as well. Haha...but my schedule for this year of 2014 is fully booked liao, maybe next year since I'm not hunger for money, status and fame. I only love to study Feng Shui for fun, as my passion for learning something useful in life. 

I'm happy living up my life with simple, stable and peaceful life only. Nowadays, when I woke up in the morning I'm very happy to see Amituofo greeting from Rambo that motivated me to live a fulfilled life, Good Morning lovely pictures from my friends(they're so creative) who inspired me to Ganbatte with them and a wonderful love note from Kim like the picture above that awaken me with a happy life ahead. I quickly wazzapp her back with a Tq note and told her, "I love Master Cheng Yen teachings very much." Coming across to know her true noble cause from Hualien Taiwan last few years ago when I passed through the huge hospital with a touching story behind it, I came home Malaysia and google about her. And both Kim and I kept praising Cheng Yen Sifu for her honourable good cause that we wana start doing more for Tzu Chi Buddhist Society. Rambo was so happy to know about it and totally support our idea to it. We believe the world will be a happy place for everyone including the unfortunates if everyone really make an effort to contribute to it. 

Just like last Friday, after a full day of Joey's workshop, shopping+lunch with my mom+sisters and Ecoparadise Spa, the green Versace Dress on display attracted my attention. I totally fall in love with it but Rambo reasoned with me that with thousands of dollars I spent on Versace Dress I can do so much more for charity. I looked at him and asked if all my money was meant to save for charity only and he quickly apologised as he knew he said it in a wrong way already with my serious-looking face. I'm not angry with him, I know he meant well and make me realised about life. If you have seen the sharing about men and women on my Facebook, you would know what I meant by that as I admit woman like me is not easy to please. Rambo just told his Lim Family during our Sunday dinner, he knew how to 'Tem'(please) me and loving me deeply, if not we sure got divorced long time ago which I totally agreed and I admit to his Lim Family it's true in Hokkien. We can be so loving one moment with all the xoxo spirit, but when we misunderstood each other we can be so fierce with each other like enemies. Buddhism keeps us alive, enlighten and awaken with loving and caring spirit in us. 

Just last night we had a really serious talk on divorce with Rambo Lim's Family because my big sis wana get divorce now and everyone of them like Rambo and Toto totally agreed with it. The rest also gave her green light to go all out for it but I'm the only one who forbids her from doing so. I told her a few stories of my family and friends who have quite similar problem and how I stop them from getting a divorce. Some never listen, they insisted to divorce their husbands and then they regretted about it later but it was too late. Like I told all of them and even yesterday, I reminded all of them this meaningful Chinese teaching that goes "Ling Gau Yan Da Jai, Mok Gau Yan Fen Cai." All of them kinda enlighten a bit esp.those Chinese educated ones. They totally understand the meaning of 'Never teach/encourage people to get a divorce' so they finally agreed with me advising my sis to separate from her husband for a few months cooling period but never jump to a conclusion to divorce each other, just because they couldn't stand each other anymore. Time will help to heal and change everything. We left with a happy smile after everyone agreed to the separation decision for her. I will share more stories about this subject in my next blog so stay tuned!        

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