Friday, January 3, 2014

Life Unchained Melody

Health is the ultimate wealth. If you have paved a healthy lifestyle and positive mind all the time, there's no way you would end up suffering in pain. Even a minor cough or flu can be disturbing enough to block your happy life altogether. It's all stated in our own mental strength inside you. The laws of attraction is naturally powerful enough so stay strong and positive in life, to attract more good positive vibes into your life. That day I was rushing over for 4 events in KL I heard my friend Alex called me, "Kai Jie" from the huge crowd of shoppers here at Berjaya Times Square waiting for the 'Choy Sen Ye '- The God of Prosperity visit at the front door. 

Haha...he told me it's been a long time never meet me for our gathering with the Insurance Industry people, I told him yea I was very busy last 2013 due to the high demands of Japanese market and I didn't attend his last invitation to Volkswagen Event at PJ last year in 2013. i told him business came pouring without full stop, now I understand why some friends told me 'Zou Emm Qit' business which is really happening to me. Even Rambo's business partner has stop travelling to USA, Dubai and Europe as the China demand for material supplies already sufficient to cover our time and efforts in 2013.  

It's a fruitful year I would say. I'm thankful for everything and most important thing is I'm grateful that I'm healthy enough to stand whole year for a wonderful year of 2013. No pain, no hospital stay and no sickness I'm already 'Je Tin, Je Dei' to God liao. Back to Alex topic where he told me let's have a meeting soon with those who still keeping in touch I replied him sure. I asked him about his wife's beauty business where they just renew their contract, everything raised up esp.the rental payment of RM7000+ but business is never easy to maintain. I totally understand what he means by that because Kanebo still called me up for follow up. 

The last time I told CC honestly as I don't like to go around the bush, I speaks to everyone the same tone and same direct manner that they never know how to appreciate me as a loyal customer so I gave the yearly business to Slimming Sanctuary in 2013, who also tried so hard to persuade me to renew a new beauty package with them in 2014 but I declined it even with good offers+goodies. I'm not greedy I told both of them, all I want is the best beauty treatment with the best result only and obviously, the price factor would be the main decisive factor to remain relationship with them for many years to come. 

And so CC promised to me this time they would do their very best so long I give them another chance this year 2014 to start it all over again. Well, I gave them another chance to restart the beauty bond again is because I can see they really make the efforts to contact me from time to time inviting me for events that I didn't attend due to my busy schedules but they still update me great offers and promotions that's worth to spend. And it's ironic that I told everyone esp.Rambo, why we always ended up spending money back to the Japanese coz our money came from the Japanese who really paid us fully and duly on time. 

If you work hard and smart with them, they would never owe you anything. They paid you in full, giving you the maximum bonus you deserved after all the hard work/efforts you've did for them. That's what I like about doing business with them, they fulfilled their promises with faith. And when Rambo came back with all the good news for me every week, every month and year end that's supposedly brightening my days can become an obstacle because of the high income tax deduction for the government. If you pay income tax to help Malaysia country to build better roads, better education system etc. are fine but if you pay income tax for the government who simply splurge our hard-earned money then I told Rambo it's really useless you know. Then he said, "Told you to stay in other country you don't want."

Haha...that's not the point to 'Tou Bei Yin Sat'(run away from reality) I told him. When the country management is not good, we need to fix it but not run away from this unfortunate thing to drag for long esp.the rakyat is suffering now. The government need to change, not we need to change or adapt with lower standard of living. It's them who need to 'Fan Sing', realize in life so everyone called Malaysians can enjoy life as it is. Malaysia is a beautiful homeland we called our home country. We all belong here and once again, it's not what 'Cina' the Chinese wants but all of us the Malaysians including the Chinese, Malay and Indian wanted for our country. New Year 2014 countdown in Dataran Merdeka says it all, they speak for us naturally. 

New Year 2014 for me not only focus mainly on eating healthy like recently, I went for simple Chinese dishes with Double Boiled Soup. It's the most fulfilling meal for me so long it comes with a nutritious soup to complete my meal, but also focus more on time management with all the projects in hand. My dear Charmers always asked me,"Where are we going for school holiday Dai Yiyi?" I need to organise my 4 seasons projects carefully and now my dear Charmers are expecting me to arrange this with my '3 sekawan group' but I tried to make sure their dreams come true. They behaved in good manners being 3 good followers when I told them we travel to Lost World of Tambun Ipoh this time and next year we go further overseas as long we stick together as a happy family. They are fine with it and getting excited for 2014. I hope 2014 will remain as good as 2013 and hope to be better as well. TQ Amituofo!

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