Tuesday, January 7, 2014

bloop Nail Colors Power Your Spirit In 2014

Colour is used as the basis for many theories and in Feng Shui, colors affect the energy of rooms, your habitat and your clothes. Colours are one of the most essential and significant features of Feng Shui. You may wana adopt some of the colours on your nails which you may think it will be able to power your spirit for year 2014.

Red is intense, represents the element of fire and is considered lucky. It is hot and bold and daring. 

Blue signifies peace, calm and truth, and is usually the favorite color of spiritually–attuned people. 

Green is located in the heart in the chakra system and it is representative of growth and balance. 

Brown represents the earth. It is one of the quiet Feng Shui colors and is for times of contentment and peace. 

Purple is royal and represents wealth. It shouts opulence as well as representing sagacity. 

Pink is one of the colors that women can mostly relate to and it represents feminine energy. Pink represents unconditional love and romance. 

Yellow is one of the uplifting colors in Feng Shui. Yellow is the colour of the sun and it represents power and energy and activity.

Orange is the most sociable of Feng Shui colors. It is the colour of extroverts and creative people. As a social color, orange represents happiness and fun.  

By knowing the importance of COLOURS, bloop Nail Polish has more than 50 colors available for you to illuminate your dreams in year 2014. bloop Nail Polish is priced at RM9.90 for each colour, available at bloop Sunway Pyramid and HiShop at http://www.hishop.my/

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