Sunday, January 26, 2014

'Kou Ye' - Speech Sin

Last Monday I went Gardens in the evening with Rambo as I need to retrieve the receipt from Melium Group. Then we stopped by Baskin Robbins enjoying my favourite Raspberry Ice Cream and having a short Buddhism chats with him. Somewhere, somehow we talked about Master Chin Kung's great sharings and the chain of events that's happening yesterday. And on our way back, Rambo actually rushed over to press the going down button seeing the lift was closing up. He thanked him and I told him, it's not him who open the lift door for us but all 3 of them inside just kept quiet about it. Rambo told me all 3 of the mature men just kept quiet because the 2 of them felt ashamed for not helping and he's being the good man alive would not want to offend anyone. But then, suddenly I was awaken by his words that maybe he really did press open and nobody knows about it. 

And out of a sudden, my compassionate heart rings me all at once, feeling bad over words I've said and those words are not necessary to say it out also. I told Rambo I felt so 'Chan Kuai' (regret and repent) and I promised myself not to repeat the same mistake anymore. Rambo smiled and assured me that's fine as long I can see how wrong I was and feel remorseful about it after I apologised, "Amituofo, please forgive me. I never mean to offend anyone and sorry Uncle if I ever hurt you in anyway". Rambo told me, "No, the uncle is not mad he also felt paiseh." But then I told Rambo even if he helps or not, I have no right to say such bad remarks to him. What if he really did help and a good person who really help 'kena bombak' like this doesn't seems fair to him. I should just keep quiet about it and nobody needs to comment anything about it since it's not a positive kinda thing to say.        

That's why meditation is so important for daily practise in our lives because we need to repent, practise self-realisation, motivate and relax our sinful body, mind and soul. Everyday, every minute we seems to make mistakes and if we never realise it soon, we become worse and cannot be change anymore. Just like some people, they cannot be help anymore esp. even with own mom also she treats her as her enemy, going on mental depression never mind but never wana take medicine to control herself and go on hurting herself+others. It's all stated inside your mind, you wana be an angel or devil that you feed most inside of you. No one is forcing you or pushing you to the limit, but it's you who always wana compete and compare who's better and be the best. But 1st of all, did others really wana compete with you? You need to compare yourself with the yesterday you and make sure you improve a better you everyday and become a wiser you in every year. 

No one can ever help you but yourself. If there's a will, there's a way to conquer it all. And as a mom who have given birth to you, sacrifice so many years loving you I don't think she wants you to be 'Ji Kam Duo Lok' go on committing bad deeds. And never think your mom who cannot control your bad behaviour is at the losing end due to your big egoistic character because if you never change for good, most likely you'll be suffering lot. Enough said about her, back to the story above I totally feel it's my wrongful speech that created 'Kou Ye'(speech sin) if I don't sincerely repent from it. But lucky, the Buddhism spiritual spirit in me awaken me with deep compassion, understanding and humbleness to feel sorry and to keep improving myself to start a brand new day with new hope, goals and glory in life. TQ Amituofo, I will cherish the good fortune to do better for sure besides cultivating more good deeds in life!  

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