Tuesday, January 21, 2014

‘TODAY’ Moments With Friso Gold

Based on a recent survey1 conducted on 1,500 both working and non-working Malaysian mothers, working mothers consider less than half of time spent with their children as quality time and two out of three say they will stop work and spend more time with their kids if money is not an issue.

To encourage Malaysian mothers to make the most of their time with their children, formulated milk powder for children Friso Gold introduces “Our Today Moments” contest, which provides mothers the opportunity to have the experience of a lifetime with their little ones.With 100 lifetime experiences worth a total of RM1 million to give away*, the contest urges Malaysian mothers to put aside their daily to-dos and make the most of every moment they spend with their children.

According to AnjaHenze, Marketing Director of Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad, which markets and producesFriso Gold, “the contest is designed to encourage and inspire Malaysian mothers to prioritise spending quality time with her children in their growing-up journey.

“The truth is every mother wants to prioritise her time with her children amidst the thousands of things she needs to do, but she can get so caught up sometimes that she forgets to appreciate the true joy of growing up together with her child. So our contest serves as an encouragement to her to set aside the daily routine and not postpone her ‘Today’ moments with her precious ones,” explains Anja.

Director of Kakiseni Low Ngai Yuen, who juggles between being a mother and a career in theatre and promoting the arts, believes in starting each day right with her four children Zi-Enn, Zi-Weng, Zi-Eu, and Zi-Yi.“Being there when they wake up to set the tone of the day, and being there whenever they want to reach out so they know they can always count on their mother – these are so important for me. I give my best in both work and motherhood; but my kids know that they are always the priority,” says Ngai Yuen. 

However, mums admit that these dreams are too costly for them right now. Mothers faced with limitations, like Phang and Suhaila, need not wait any longer for their dreams to become a reality. Just enter the “Our Today Moments” contest and seize the opportunity to embark on an incredible journey with your little ones today.

To participate in it, write down a special lifetime experience(big or small) that you have always wanted to have with your child/children but have not been able to make it happen, and why. Then, attach a proof of purchase (spoon inside product can) of any participating Friso Gold product (Frisomum Gold, Friso Gold 3 or Friso Gold 4 in any size) and mail your entry to: Friso Gold “Our Today Moments Contest”, P.O.Box 3202, 47507 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Friso Gold will then fulfil 100 of the most endearing and heart-warming experience. Besides that, 100 early bird participants will also score tickets (two adults and two children) to LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort for some unforgettable family fun. So send in your entries before 28 February 2014!

For more information about Friso Gold “Our Today Moments” contest, visit www.friso.com.my or contact the Friso Careline at 1800-88-1647 on Monday-Friday, 8.30am–4.30am. Follow FrisoGold on Facebook at www.facebook.com/FrisoGrowingUpTogether.

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