Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

Happy New Year 2014! Are you ready to create wonders and add beautiful colours into your life, as for me I'm always on the start button already. In fact, my year plan all have been planned since 2013, all rolled out in strategic planning waiting to happen only. The 2014 year is gonna be the year of the Wooden Horse that will only arrives on the 4th of February 2014, the start of the Spring in China standard time. But we will celebrate CNY on the 31st January of 2014. 

I just read from the Chinese Zodiac prediction for 2014, the Fire element for me is excellent this year. Horse is the strong animal containing Fire. Wood is the mother element of Fire. Wood can help Fire to burn longer. Wood can also protect Fire from extinguishing by Water. Wood and Fire together form a perfect combination for Fire. But whatever good points stated also, I only remember the good ones and hope to cultivate more good deeds in order to enjoy a better life. 

Kim told me that she's hoping to meet up with me for 'Yum Cha' this year 2014 and I told her, "Sure, why not we meet at Tzu Chi Buddhist Temple" as I thought we can meet and contribute more for the Buddhist society, to make it more meaningful. She totally agreed with my decision on that instead of meeting up for drinks and shopping. I knew she's a beautiful angel who always offer her help at the PJ Guan Yin Temple with all her heart and soul. 

I like what she did for the community, a real big heart although she always said I have an angelic heart whom she's been stalking for many months, following my blog about Buddhism. Haha...I told her "Paiseh" all the time she wazzapp me as deep inside of me, I felt so humble by her opinion about me. Rambo totally agreed with Kim but then, deep into my heart I only have good thoughts about them who are real kind. It's nothing about me as I'm only the planner, they're the real contributors.

Yea, although the money and efforts are contributed by me, it's only a small contribution I can afford to do at the moment. Just like Rambo's malay staff who helped deliver the goods to the charity home, he felt so good after helping the kids he told Rambo to include him in the next trip. He said when he's rich one day he wana donate money/goods but I told him what he did was also part of charity. Just keep on doing what he can and he enjoys following Rambo for the past 5 years. I believe that whoever have money can always contribute money and whoever have the strength/energy can always help to deliver the goods. 

And whoever have the medical skills can always render help for medical aid just like my sister May, I always told her to help what she can to help Kechara Society as a pharmacist. I always believe 'Mui Yat Dim, Mui Yat Dik', every drop of good deeds from you even a good thought will also help to shape a better world for everyone. Just make sure it's genuine and sincere enough because if it's not, no matter how much money you contribute you only reap small deeds in what you did but if you sincerely helps for even a small contribution can bring you more good deeds because you did it purely sincere from the heart. 

This year Rambo's Lim Family has organised countdown party at Eco Setia Alam with her rich friend but I told them to go ahead as I wana finish the Hongkong TVB My Lady series, packing+giving out old things and just wana chill out at home sweet home, beat the jam stress. Grace has been asking where's Jacinta?Haha...Toto told me they had wine, champagne until 1.30am but I told them I already sleeping blissfully at 12 mn after watching the series. Then she told me next year they're gonna do steamboat gathering and I said they're so happening with all the jokes sharing they had last night. 

Both Rambo and I went for shopping, dining and spa signing for 2014, before the healthy finale at Ecoparadise Spa+my favourite Dragon Fruit Enzyme served to end our New Year celebration. We talked about our New Year Resolutions, plans and projects in hand for 2014 to happen. We're truly happy because we think that 'Sem Zhung Yau Fatt' - 'With Buddha stays in our heart and mind', what we did good are meant good for everyone besides not harming or hurting others along the way.' Be happy always, love and laugh more, live a healthy lifestyle, spend precious time with loved ones and achieve your goals morally, everything's gonna be great for sure!      

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