Monday, July 29, 2013

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Chinese Food

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Chinese Restaurant Lai Po Heen.

When it comes to good food in town, Mandarin Oriental Hotel is one of my definite favourite place to hang out with Rambo that's for sure. I have tried all the variety of food in all the restaurants at their hotel, Hi-Tea at the Lounge and the Japanese Restaurant too since they opened their flagship hotel here in Malaysia. 

I remember once before Mandarin Oriental Hotel did flew in a few of the Chinese chefs from Hainan to Malaysia, to promote their Hainanese food for us the Malaysians. Many other great Hotels also have the same kinda promotions from time to time with Shanghainese Cuisines, Sichuan Specialties etc. and if I'm free at that time, I usually go all out for it. 
I usually ordered Special Fried Rice instead of white Rice with seafood ingredients, 
seafood and dumpling dishes with soup. They served a good, big portion so it's 
worth the price for each dishes. This meal can comes up to RM150 per visit.  

They usually cooked the dishes into real perfection of good food, great taste to suit our Malaysian taste buds, more 'Lung and Kap'(more thicker). And for a food lover like me who have travel to China quite often and have tried so many delicious delicacies from all around China, I still prefer the local Chinese food, be it from the Hotels, Chinese restaurants and 'Dai Chau'(big fried food like the famous Soo Kee in Jalan Imbi). 

Our food so far is the best, if you wana compare those from Paris, Austria or Germany Chinese restaurants that I have visited, even with the award-winning Chinese Restaurant we met along the way. One of the Chinese tour guide who came to Malaysia for a holiday with his group of friends even said that we the Malaysians cooked really delicious food that he's longing for more and wish to visit Malaysia again for the best food in town. 

Haha...obviously I welcome them all to visit Malaysia country again as to help to promote tourism for my beloved country. There's no doubt about it and I'm very proud to agree with the statement fully that our Malaysian food is the best in the world. There's no competition needed to confirm to that as the majority of our friends have assured that to us many times already. They usually came back to Malaysia for our food, coffee and great hospitality.

This Prawn Dumpling is really yummy, I enjoyed it a lot!

Although I'm not a real fan of Chinese food, but many of my family and friends usually opt for chinese restaurant gatherings so somewhere, somehow I would tag along and enjoyed the food as well. And we tend to compare the food between the China taste and our local taste naturally, as here in Malaysia esp.the men they can take 1-2 bowls of rice, me too. In China, I usually take a bite or two only of the special cuisines unless it's really yummy like the Hainan 5 star NanShan Resort, I can take more than that.  

My German friend usually invited me out for Chinese food too as we're so bored with all the Bruschetta, Steak, Pizza and Spaghetti. Once he ordered 'Fatt Tiu Cheong'(The Buddha Jumps Over The Wall), a pot each for us and I was so surprised that he really know how to enjoy the best Chinese dish ever. He told me that he really loves Chinese culture, just like me and he enjoyed dining the best of Chinese cuisines too. Haha...we enjoyed the food and talked much about the Chinese rich culture as the main subject of our conversation. Too much to talk about when it comes to China topic, once we start we just can't stop.

They served good food with fine premium tea and great service. Come once is good 
enough to hook me up for more future visits to their restaurant as I never say No to 
'Good Food, Great Taste', which is also one of my favourite motto in life. 

Rambo always told everyone, even his Japanese friends knew me too well that I'm such a fussy and choosy eater to the extent I got so lost in what and where to eat now. So it's either we cooked our own good food at home or dine at the same, old boring places again. And we ended up visiting Vegetarian Restaurants more now with Rambo's family while chatting on Buddhism values during dinner's time. More veges, fruits intake is also good for better fortune cultivation as we're trying not to kill too many living beings. 

As when I eat KFC drumstick, Rambo needs to chant a prayer for me as to lighten the sins of taking meat from a chicken.And seeing us doing that, Toto my sis-inlaw always laugh at it although she knew why Rambo did that as we're all Buddhist believers.'s contradicting enough for a food lover like me as I love dining but I don't encouraged killing, so I did my very best to balance religion vs. passion if I ever need to dine at exclusive hotels and restaurants, I would still enjoy the food but try to take less meat intake as possible. That's life, c'est la vie!

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