Friday, July 19, 2013

Health and Wellness

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Holistic Dad is a great page that I would look for the latest health, wellness tips and updates nowadays. I like to read and learn all about it through this Holistic Dad from Facebook, almost everyday. Most of his sharing are based on natural ways of living healthily, it's also easy to understand and straight to the point with clear, nice pictures+basic descriptions. Usually I would google on it if I really wana know more in depth on the specific subject related to it. 

I used to subscribe many health magazines like Shape, Health and Beauty, Health Today and other international mags during my travel trips. I still do as I love reading about health, beauty and wellness related issues, catching up with the latest development on technology for health/illness, new products in town, medical and scientific terms for health and wellness that's going on now, just to keep myself updated. 

Yummy Raspberry Juice that cost me more than RM20, although it's so sour but it taste so refreshingly tasty.
Enjoying it while watching the famous clock show that attracted thousands of tourists from around the world.  

If I need any further infos and enquiries, I usually called the hospital, the experts directly or chat with my sister, a pharmacist and Herbalife sisters, almost all of them joined the direct sales company except me. Obviously, they tried to convince me into joining them but I'm not interested and no time to do it anyway. I only support them by taking the supplements and giving them full moral support with 'Ganbatte' spirit. I still gave them my full, mentally strong support or financial support(my sister) if she ever needs help as I really wana see them happy living up their lives.  

Recently, many of my friends even asked me out for direct sales talk that somewhere, somehow I still listen and share health talk with them. They're Millionaire CEO, Teachers etc. with their existing business going on yet they're very motivated to explore more business ventures and so they went into direct sales companies for better opportunities and higher $$$ pot that comes with unlimited income. Well, as long they're happy I have no comments about it as I still treat everyone the same even to the close ones with the same answer, "No, TQ and C ya at the top!" I still hope they can succeed and persevered till the end as success is possible in every ways. All the best and Good Luck!

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