Sunday, July 7, 2013

Glasses Online Ambassadorship Program

Recently I was approached to join the Ambassadorship Program by the 'Glasses Online | Amazing Contact Lenses' online shop for Eyewear that is based here in KL. Seeing Daniela’s sincere and special initiative to link our blog site Jacyntacsy and their shop together, I decided to give it a go as I kinda enjoy their online eyewear shopping too.

A pair of Magic Color CM-834 Brown that looks more natural for Asian eye color.

From now onwards, they are starting a new campaign to promote their amazing colored contact lenses for a more ‘cat-like’ look on our eyes to dazzle wherever we go. They send me a pair of contacts for free to try but I told them I’m not wearing any contact lens. Obviously, I told them honestly I prefer to have the Vogue Sunglass since I'm wearing it everyday to protect my eyes from the harmful UV rays but she said not at the moment as they are only promoting color lens right now.

Eileen tried it on immediately and I'm glad I can complete the blog for sharing soon enough. 

She's very persistent and so happen, I was thinking I can give it to my sister Eileen for her birthday since she was wearing lens all the time, besides giving her another Korean birthday gift. I chose the Magic Color CM-834 Brown, neutral power for her. Such a coincident, she told me that during the afternoon she just spoke with Shyan on the color contact lens subject and I gave this for her to try on her birthday yesterday. Haha...she quickly tried it on and prefer to have lens with the right power for her. I told her next time then.   
Eileen with her cat's eyes magic lens, kinda 'kawaii' to me! 

Additionally, they have create a voucher code for everyone who use it to get RM20 off their purchase, with a minimum expenditure of RM100 on any product like contact lenses, sunglasses or glasses. You can key in Jacinta's Gift Code of ‘GO jacyntacsy20' for RM20 in RM100 spending. For  Facebook update, check out