Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Charmers Seeds Of Happiness

Last Saturday, Ying Shan said she wana make Lemon+100 Plus juice for me and so LeAnne and Lynette told Ying Shan they wana try it too. Ying Shan said she will make for all but the 1st cup she’ll get ready for Dai Yiyi, she told Lynette. Lynette came to me and whisper to me,”Ying Shan said she'll make the 1st cup juice for you and she loves you more because you’re so kind, always buys us gifts.” Haha…I laughed upon hearing her said that. But then, she continued, “I always wana give you something back but you don’t want.” Really, What’s that? I asked her in surprise.

“The last time I gave you the chocolate wafer, you don’t want”, she replied me. “Oh, that time because Dai Yiyi  just had dinner so full, how to eat. Unless I'm very hungry then no choice then Dai Yiyi will eat few bites only. Besides that, Dai Yiyi don’t like wafer actually. “Then, tell me what you like? she said. I told her, “Dai Yiyi loves sweets or candies.””I have it, can I give it to you now?” she replied excitedly. And so I replied, “Sure, thanks.” She took out her mini ipad, notebook and finally search for the sweets that she put inside her bag. So cute and I only managed to laugh only.

She asked me to choose whichever sweets that I like and she actually gave me a Japanese Lollipop but I told her to keep that for herself. And not to disappoint her sincere big heart, I took a grape Mentos, left one for her from the two sweets. I asked her to keep back all her things and be careful of her belongings as not to be stolen by anyone, she promised she will. I said, “Tq so much, I know you’re kind and love Dai Yiyi very much ok” while hugging her tight as she’s also hugging me real tight. Ying Shan asked me to test the Lime+100 Plus juice because she’s out of lemon liao and I told her it was yummy. I share half with LeAnne as Shan share out half with Lynette and we enjoyed the drinks with so much satisfaction.

Seeing us having so much fun, the rest asked why they were left out as they wana have a cup too but we only let them try a sip or two as we the 4 BFF just smiled and enjoyed the sour juice with love. Haha…LeAnne was busy completing her sharing of diary with me as nowadays, I asked 3 of my Charmers to express their inner feelings with me every Saturday on a Her World notebook. After writing them, they usually want me to read it asap because I would laugh out loud and they always asked me why I laugh and they wana know why. They felt so excited about it every time I read it and laugh out really loud.

 Haha…although they’re 10 and 11 years old now, the way they wrote their stories and expressions of life have reach to the teenage years already. They grew up too fast and time really flies even Lynette can be so mature for her age as she tends to draw about me, the dress I was wearing and the necklace that I paired with. I remember when she was 4 years old that time, she used to draw a ‘Hello Kitty’ of me where she asked her mom to draw a draft for her and then she added some colours and asked me to spell my name ‘Jacinta’ for her. And before I leave that night, she gave that drawing for me and insisted that I keep it. 

Rambo and my sister Defney looked at me and smiled, they both think that it was so sweet of this little Lynette who actually knows how to express her love to me as sometimes, I spent very much of my time playing Barbie and playing cards with her when no one is around to play with her or take care of her. The other two girls sometime got jealous asking me to play Badminton with them but I told them they shouldn’t feel jealous about it as when they’re both little like Lynette, I loved them the same and none of them were having less love than anyone else. I always told them, “If I can’t find any of your star necklace, none of us are getting one as I told you I love all of you 100% the same. None of you is getting 90 or more than 100%. If you did anything wrong also, Dai Yiyi would still advise you not to repeat the same mistakes.”

That’s why I told them when my sister, my mom got pregnant, and after giving birth to them I was the happiest woman in the world. Haha…not only I was happy to take good care of them when they both go shopping, I took care the 3 of them by having Lynette on the baby chair sleeping, LeAnne and Lynette slept on both of my sides. No shopping spirit at all, just wana spend my weekends with all of them. At times, when friends asked me to come along for all the events since I was there but if really I can’t make it I got no choice but to miss it because they comes 1st in my priority of life. 

Rambo knew that and sometimes he never have the mood to go anywhere alone when he needs to attend those family dinners all by himself. Now that my dear Charmers have their own schedule of dancing class for performances every now and then, Rambo would try to persuade me to attend dinners with him and he's very persistent like my dear Charmers, esp. LeAnne who always asked me to postpone my appointment for her show, so I would try to talk to my dear that I would have a quick dinner with them then I gotta go somewhere with Rambo if it’s really, really  important. If not, my Saturday would be fully booked by them, that's final. 

Rambo felt so happy that my dear Charmers really know how to appreciate me and loving me so much by all the actions of affections they shown to me and I felt very fulfilled deep inside of me. I have did my very best to love them all these years with true sincerity. I never expect them to do anything for me but they always try to impress me with all the little things they did for me just to make me smile every time when we meet. Haha…no regrets for loving them so deeply and I felt so touched deep within me, the inner happiness just by spending my precious time with them. 

And everytime when they share their unhappiness with me in life, I told them to chant 'Amituofo' and immediately, LeAnne clasped both hands and chant 'Amituofo' in front of me. They adapt to Buddhism teachings real quickly and purely into learning it from me that I just can't describe how satisfied I am with them. It's the years of planting the seeds of love with them and they turned out to be beautiful like 3 pretty flowers in my garden. Thank you Amituofo, kindly bless them always. Luv, Dai Yiyi! 


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    1. Haha...Tq, I hope they will continue to be and always will be even when they grow up!