Wednesday, July 3, 2013

IMEDEEN Blogger Product Review Programme

IMEDEEN® Classic RM 564 for 3 boxes (RM188 per box) 

Thank you IMEDEEN®  for sponsoring me 3 months of IMEDEEN® Classic and I'm glad to be part of the 10 Beauty Blogger Programme. I was about to replenish my beauty drink that day after knowing that there’s no more left, then came this great beauty review programme popping at my door step at the right time.It's like God is reading my mind and really knows what I want in life. 

Save my time and money so I decided to donate some money for the Dogs Charity. Hope the doggies are happy with their happy meals as I'm feeling really happy too. I have received the 3 boxes of IMEDEEN® Classic to sample and review today. Just wait 3 months for the review, coming soon! 

1 box of 60 tablets, 2 tablets a day for a month consumption.  

IMEDEEN® skincare tablets in an internal skincare that work below the surface of the skin from within, to help create smooth, supple and beautiful skin. IMEDEEN® works in the deeper layers where topical creams and lotions cannot be reach to improve the skin’s overall quality, structure and appearance.

In a study carried out in Brazil by independent cosmetic dermatologist, Dr Adilson Costa Head of the Dermatology Department, Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas, São Paolo tested 42 women aged 35-60 who took a daily dose of the anti-ageing skin supplement over the course of 12 months.

The results confirmed that daily usage of IMEDEEN® significantly increased levels of collagen and elastin in the dermal layer. Using biometric, ultrasound and self-assessment analyses, statistically significant improvements were found against a number of key criteria as below. Younger consumers are expected to yield even better results daily consumption.

Ultrasound Measurement has shown the result of Dermal density: +122% and Self-Assessment Measures for Wrinkles: -27% , Fine lines: -30%, Radiance: +42%, Smoothness: +42% and Overall appearance: +48%. Seeing this great result has prompted me to pop in 2 tablets intake today to start on the inner beautiful journey with IMEDEEN as soon as possible. I just can’t wait for the real result after 3 months from the July month to September month. C ya then!  


  1. Replies
    1. Haha...I was invited for the program.In future, any more of this I let you know about it!

  2. Aw, lucky you! Hope the sponsorship will extend to S'pore too. I used to take Imedeen during my flying days for quite a few yrs actually. I soon got lazy & stopped :<

    1. Oh, that's great. Haha...Yea, I'm sure Singapore will not be missed for this great programme!