Tuesday, July 30, 2013

LOREAL Absolut Repair Cellular Hair Mask Review

Loreal Absolut Repair Cellular Hair Mask is one of the many hair masks I've been keeping long in my beauty drawer. But that day Rambo took it out and kept pushing me to use up everything from my drawer. Actually, I think I still have many other brands of hair mask that I totally forgot where I won it from contests, subscription of mags or from my shopping spree. I started to use it already when I went for my facial pampering last Sunday, during the Jacuzzi Milk Bath filled with hot water in the triangle bath tub.

The smoking hot water can be seen when I put on the 'ON' Jacuzzi button, look like sauna effect that helps to steam the hair mask that I've applied on my hair while enjoying the luxury milk bath. After about 15 minutes of massaging my head and body with the bubbles pump, my whole body got really hot and I can't stand it anymore so I quickly went for a warm bath. So relaxing that I really wana fall asleep at that moment already. 

The texture of this hair mask is really rich, look exactly like the Planta Margarine with bright Yellow colour. When I applied it on my hair that time, it felt really smooth and easy to comb my hair. It smells good like other Loreal Hair Mask that I love so much. But after rinsing my hair, my hair is not very smooth and silky like other type of Loreal Hair Masks, maybe the ingredients are fully absorbed into my hair for total repair of my coloured, damaged hair.     

But my hair seem to look thicker and healthier, not as fine like before. I would said it's more nourishing and really repairing my hair texture, but not smoothy like the Loreal Liss Ultime that not only smells so refreshingly reviving but it also revitalizing my dry, damaged hair into smooth, silky hair like a Barbie Doll. Provided that I remember to use leave-on conditioner to keep it healthy, or else after a full day of activities, my hair can turn frizzy dry like a monster also. 

Haha...Rambo beh tahan me for having so many hair masks stock at home already, yet always looking forward to buy, buy, buy like no need to pay like that. Nowadays, everytime I went into Watsons, Guardian, Jusco, Parkson, he would 'tarik'(pull) me away from shopping anything, anymore as I still have a few full racks of beauty vanity care stocks at home that's lining up for me to use. I knew he meant good and I actually appreciates that, or else I would feel so bad when it's expired. Woman...Haha!           

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