Tuesday, July 16, 2013

AVON ANEW 360° White Intensive Serum Review

The new Avon ANEW 360° White Intensive Serum RM89.90(30ml)

The moment I received a box from Avon, I was surprised with another skincare gift sent, the new latest Avon ANEW 360° White Intensive Serum. I started using it already that night after my evening bath. This specially formulated serum for Asian women with 3 patent-pending ingredients is designed to work at the dermal level, not only inhibit melanin but also to address various kinds of skin discolouration issues. With continuous usage of 3 times active ingredients, it illuminate your skin to be dramatically fair, radiant and translucent. 

It does not only makes your skin fairer, but also visibly reduce the number and size of dark spots. It's gentle for skin and even suitable for sensitive skin, it has been proven by 'Dermatologist Tested'. Yea, no problem for me so far as my skin never gets red, itchy or feeling any tingling sensation. In fact, I love inhaling the refreshing scent of the serum before applying it on my face and neck. The texture is not too rich or too watery, light enough to fully absorbed into my skin after 2 rounds of massage.        

I like the classy, glass bottle packaging that attracts me to use it everyday. 

Not only the the white pure packaging looks nice to see, it actually pumps up sufficient serum for me to massage it gently on my face and neck. You can also apply extra serum on the spot area in 5 minutes for optimal anti-spot result. For best result, it's better to use the whole range of Avon ANEW 360° White skincare set and I believe it works that way. This serum promised to get rid of impurity and transform skin into flawless, fair radiant skin. After 2 weeks of using it everyday, I can say that my skin is smooth, not dehydrated at all and fair too. I'm satisfied with it and will keep on using it to keep my skin radiant in time to come. Thanks Avon, I'm happy to be part of your editorial writer too(replying a lovely note letter from Rachel).  

To get to know more about Avon ANEW 360° White skincare range, you can check out my past blog at http://jacyntacsy.blogspot.com/2013/06/avon-anew-360-white-skincare.html and to get the new improved ANEW 360° WHITE range today, you can also start calling your Avon Dealer or visiting the nearest Avon Beauty Boutique at 1-800-22-AVON (2866). In the mean time, you can log on to www.my.avon.com and their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/AvonMy for latest updates and promotions.

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