Tuesday, July 16, 2013

ASTALIFT Skincare Review

Astalift Moisture Foam that only requires just a little bit of the orange color
foaming cleanser for daily cleansing. It's clean enough and smells good too. 

The cleansing gel that's in orange colour too, instilled of Astaxanthin ingredient in
every product of Astalft. It's for deep cleansing esp. with makeup on that requires
double cleansing where slowly it turns to milky form when you massage it on wet
skin. Rinse it with water and your skin will be clean, soft and smooth too.  

The Astalift Lotion(toner) that's light and gentle, yet it's moisturizing enough
to balance the right ph balance for the skin before applying the other skincare. 

The star product that's rich in Astaxanthin ingredient called 'Jelly Aquarysta'
that's really in a jelly form. The jelly texture needs to be massage and apply it on
skin for deep absorption into the dermal layer of skin. After using it for 2 weeks,
you can see radiant and youthful skin from within. It's the Astalft Aura!  

Astalift Essence Destiny is easily absorbed into my skin after 2 rounds of light
massage. Fine lines tend to stay away and my skin is smooth where almost every
beauticians were asking me what skincare I'm using as they felt that my skin was
so smooth they wana try that too. Haha...obviously I told them it's Astalift that
can last me for one month usage with this petite, cutie skincare and I love it a lot. 

Astalift Moisture Creme that locks in the total moisture and provide firmness to my skin after using all the
amazing Astaxanthin goodness. If it's not because I wana share the review of Astalift skincare with everyone,
 maybe I'm still keeping the set as to 'sayang' to use but it's good that I push myself to use and review it because
it's a wonderful set to keep my skin beautiful and youthful at the same time. You can experience it yourself at
BSC Salon and check out their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/AstaliftMalaysia for more updates. 

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