Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bloop LV Lipgloss Review

bloop LV Lipgloss (217) is RM28 with 12 colors to choose from HiShop. The packaging is simple and nice. 

bloop is an easy makeup that represents a new generation of makeup to help women combat the highly demanding, competitive world. bloop is all about women empowerment and pursuing dreams, to enhance confidence level, unleash personality and illuminate dreams with bloop.

Thanks to its innovative packaging and technological advancement in product quality and texture, makeup can be this fast and easy. In fact, my 1st bloop makeup buy was a cute cupcake mini lipgloss and I'm still keeping it for ‘Bai Leng'(display), I’m not sure where but I just keep it for fun.

It's easy to apply and can radiates your overall look. The texture is rich and not watery so it won't drip.

Many of the bloop’s products do not only originate from just one country but comprise of an amalgamation of materials and expertise from many different countries. Their award winning eyeshadow is the result of pairing R & D from United States and ingredients like diamond powder is sourced from Japan.

With 30 years of experience in Beauty Industry and a Global Team of Experts who supports and understands what is close to their hearts and desires to achieve bloop products – the desire and commitment to develop one of the most innovative and amazing lines of makeup for customers. bloop’s mission is to deliver Exceptional Quality at Affordable Prices.

With only one-time matte application, the color actually shines and shimmers out a splendid stun on my lip!

bloop products are engineered by Passion and Love. Working with its international partners and beauty experts from around the world, bloop has access to the best line of cosmetics manufacturing, research and technological advancement available today. 

There will be another 2 bloop makeup reviews coming soon, so stay tuned for the updates of bloop makeup. To get up close with bloop on Facebook, check out or shopping online for bloop makeup, log into https:/ or their Facebook page at

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