Monday, July 15, 2013

My Japanese Seeds of Happiness

Recently Rambo told me during his Fukuoka meeting in Japan, Nakamura asked him when he wana bring me to Japan again to visit his whole family as the last time when we both travel to Japan, we didn't get to meet as I was too tired after the whole day touring Tokyo. I told Rambo to call them all to our hotel, we can blast a party in the room even if I fall asleep, I asked Rambo to go ahead to party with them. 

What broke my heart was Nakamura told Rambo that all his family members had prepared a wholesome Japanese feast for us that dinner, even his parents were waiting for us. I didn't know that, I felt so bad upon hearing this from Rambo, cos I respect Nakamura's parents a lot and although we couldn't really communicate in Japanese and English that smoothly but all of us did have great times together for delicious food in Malaysia. In fact, they love Malaysia so much and often come visit Nakamura when he's based here. 

Not forgetting that Nakamura and Rambo are really the best 'gila-gila buddies' of all time over the years. They still do as everytime they meet for business meetings from KL to around the world, they are still clinging close with each other like brothers. Nakamura has invited us for dinners at his home many times already and he always asked Rambo to bring me along as he has asked his wife to cook my favourite Japanese Curry Rice. I love their cooking a lot because they really know how to cook authentic Japanese food and Nakamura's father is also a good cook too.
Talking about him, I knew why the Japanese are so blessed kinda people because they're very grateful kinda people. The reason why we became so close and good to each other I will reveal the story today. I mean old man+old woman(60's going to be 70's) and young me(20's) can be so chatty during dinner shouldn't be the case as we have nothing much in common to talk or laugh about esp. with the communication barrier. If it's not through Nakamura and Rambo's translation, I really go 'Ga Ga' over the whole situation as they both kept talking to me. 

The story begins like this, Nakamura and Rambo were on overseas business trips quite often to the extent of flying to China for a few days, back tonight and tomorrow early morning gotta fly to Vietnam. No time to talk or care much things at home. That day when I knew his son was admitted to hospital, I went to buy 2 packs full of nicely chosen Japanese Sushi for them as I was afraid they have no good food to eat. I asked the doctor about his son's condition and I told them not to worry so much, stay strong and take good care of themselves. At night I went again to make sure they are all ok and I knew they finished the sushi as well. 

I treated them like my family members, not just friends. After discharged from the hospital when Nakamura finally came back for good after all the busy trips, he invited us again for dinner. I told them no needlah but they insisted saying that his father wanted to thank us sincerely with all the help. And so I went and we really had a great BBQ Seafood together with beers. I always stretched to them when they thanked us again that we never expect any returns when we do good.

I'm sure a person with a heart would act kindly to someone who needs help, what to say we're so close to have that kinda 'Yuen Fen(fate)being close together. I believe in fate as sometimes we are all meant to meet each other along the journey of our lives and how we keep the relationship going stronger than ever, it all really depends on our efforts to keep it going. That's why even when we're so far away from each other from Japan to Malaysia, we still treasure the strong bonding and hope to meet again for 'Zui Gau'(gathering). 

The respect that we have created among both families is indescriable, too valuable that only we would understand what a good relationship is all about. No money can buy that, no grades of A+(Singapore standard) can determined that and nothing can change that as this kinda happiness was built over the years of good attitudes in life. Even from an old man who is now in his 70's really knows how to appreciate life and respect the young ones like us, I am speechless. Nakamura even said his sister also came to wait for us that night as we have never meet his sister before. 

Rambo told Nakamura that I wana visit Hokkaido for holiday but Nakamura asked us to visit them again in Tokyo and conveyed the message to me with high priority. Haha...after feeling bad inside of knowing that we didn't get to meet in my last Japan trip, I told Rambo that if 'umur masih panjang lagi'(long live) we're gonna meet each other again soon for another 'Yummy Rendezvous'. And I asked Rambo to convey back the high priority message to them to visit us in Malaysia if they can since Air Asia is flying everyone to Tokyo now. 

I'm sure we can make it happen real soon as now, Japan has waived the visa requirement for us the Malaysians, it's more easier and better for all of us to plan our Japan holiday now. Rambo always taught me 'Zung Gua Dak Gua, Zung Guo Dak Guo'(You planted plants/veges you'll get veges, you planted fruits you'll get fruits) whenever we talk about Buddhism values in life. The Buddha's teachings always makes sense and going through the Buddhism way of living, you will never go wrong with it because it's all in your own mind and thoughts. 

You are who you think you are, you become who you wana be and who are you today was transformed from yesterday's planted seeds to build a garden full of beautiful, bountiful flowers. If you have did your very best and happy in doing what you enjoy doing, you need no approval and judgement of who you really are as you already into achieving your dreams and success of life with positive attitudes. All you need in life now is the blessings from God, 'Amituofo' or 'Guan Yin' to guide you to the right path of living everyday. Always ask for forgiveness from them when you did wrongly as you are still a human who tends to make mistakes in life. 

Having said that doesn't mean you can be dishonest and untruthful all the time and beg for forgiveness after committing bad karmas. Maybe one time can be forgiven but if you're having such bad attitudes in life that you tend to repeat the same mistakes again, it maybe too late. That's why they said we all deserve a second chance, not 3rd time charms. Make good use of the 2nd chance. Ganbatte!      

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