Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Korean Name Game

Korean(Hangul ) is the native alphabet of the Korean language. A Korean name is usually consists of 2 or 3 words. Koreans put much hope and thoughts when they created the name just like the Chinese, usually the 1st word comes from the family name. For mine, I chose the ‘Authentic Korean Names’ with the meaning of 'Wisdom' thought added on it. My full Korean name is Chae Seul Mi.

And I got ‘Seul Mi’ name which means be a wise and reliable person. If you like to create your own Korean name, check out  and have fun creating as many names as you like. Share it with me your Korean name and the meaning of it as I’m sure it's fun to share names that meant really important to you. Let's have some fun, do it now!