Thursday, July 18, 2013

Garnier Aqua Defense (China)

Garnier brand maybe new intown in Malaysia, only the recent years they started to promote the brand here but I already started using the brand since many years ago in my 20's when I travelled to Thailand(Hatyai, Bangkok) for holiday. I bought the Whitening, Hydration and Anti-aging range back home to try. I fell in love with the brand since then. In fact, Thailand have many brands of beauty products that's affordable and famous in Thailand to be spoilt from top to toe. 

Not only the brand is trusted for its effective results, I also like the nice packaging, the colour for each range that's bright and colourful, and the price for each product from cleanser, toner, essence to cream are reasonable for those who's not into spending much on skincare purchase. To me, it's cheap that's why I bought all the different range back home...Haha.  

I bought this Garnier Aqua Defense from China, I don't remember where as nowadays I'm kinda old liao, not everything I can remember now. I went to Kunming, Dali, Lijiang last 2012 Spring Holiday over 1400kms, to and from Kunming up to Shangri-La of China(like Tibet) that comes up to 2800kms of the total journey in 8 days time. Then I travel again to Guilin and all around Guangzhou Province with Rambo Lim's family during the Autumn season, where I've visited so many places I really can't remember where I bought this. 

Usually I can remember everything. Often times, Rambo asked me if I can trust using China's made of beauty products before I buy it as he's into manufacturing industry, he had seen enough of how the products been produced not just cars but all kinda things. far I have bought many of China's beauty products, from skincare to makeup and bodycare, no problem for me at all.   

This pink hydration gel is easily melt into my dry skin the minute I massage it over my face and neck. Not only it smells so refreshingly good, the pink moisturiser actually hydrated my skin all day long. The price is reasonable for 50ml jar of moisture and help to soothe my dehydrated skin back to normal skin throughout the 365 hot, dry weather in Malaysia. A great product from Garnier brand which I've trusted all this years, even it is made from China.

Beauty comes at any price and anywhere from around the world, there's no boundaries when it comes to beauty. As long they took the highest priority into taking strict safety precautions producing it with certified quality control and great care, the product should be safe for us to use. Unlike the food, I don't simply eat any Chinese-produced food as I've seen many of them got diarhea after taking those sausage, I knew it's not right already. See the texture also I scared liao, although I'm a 'Wai Sik Queen' but I won't touch it. I'm very fussy and choosy when it comes to food!   

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