Saturday, July 13, 2013

Germany Poly Palette Hair Intensiv-Creme-Coloration

The striking, nicehair color I just can't resist the temptation so I bought it from Frankfurt
hypermarket. Told myself not to damage my hair anymore, repair the hair 1st to make
sure it's healthy enough yet I still bought it as I wana try the German Hair Color so much.

The description and details of the POLY PALETTE, part of the Schwarzkopf brand
and it's all in German language, not even a word of English that I can understand.

But after more than 10 years of hair colour DIY, somewhere somehow I need no
instructions anymore to guide me how to colour my hair. Experience counts and
it's easier for me to colour my own than to sit at salon for 3 hours. I can't stand it. 
Can't wait to colour my hair as after 3 times of trimming my long, damaged hair to medium short, there's still
left damaged hair colour I just can't stand looking at it everyday, so I decided to colour my hair again.   
After mixing the colour, it looks nice like an orange colour. At 1st, I can't take
the smell of the chemical hair colour as I'm into aromatherapy so much. But after
10 minutes, I can accept it slowly with the rich creamy texture that's been spread
all over my hair. It's as easy as ABC, Do Re Mi! 
My new hair colour that look more healthy back to normal. I wash my hair real long
as to make sure it's really clean together with the conditioner that's smells so good.
It's not drying my hair at all, it's actually conditioning my hair to healthy looking
hair and I like it. If you happen to travel to Germany, you can get it and try it. I wish
I could turn back the time and buy more as all the colours are so beautiful and bold
enough. Maybe next time, I would definitely grab more colours back home...Haha.
And lucky that I took the chance to try it as the risk that I'm taking is giving me
another chance to look confident with a brand new hair colour again. Thank God!

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