Friday, July 12, 2013

Dove Bodywash

DOVE Beauty Nourishing Bodywash : RM20.90 (1000ml) 

Everyone know I'm into bodywash and I spent a great fortune over the years in buying all the body wash from around the world. But the most would be in my own country Malaysia because I wana support my own country's economy. Like I always told my circle of family and friends, if Malaysia is selling it here even if they cost a little more higher but it's available here, I would buy it from here. My country Malaysia comes 1st that's for sure, as once my country is stably independent, all of us the Malaysians can enjoy glorious days in our own blessed homeland.  

DOVE Beauty Nourishing Body wash is milky and creamy like the real milk bath. The scent of the body wash is really refreshing to start a good morning bath and it's relaxing too, suitable for night use before you sleep as it's preparing your overall total senses to rest and relax. When you spread it all over your body, the creamy texture is smoothingly luxurious to soften your skin like a pampering Queen. The rich lather of bubbles are not drying my skin at all, in fact it was kinda fun as the creamy texture still form fine molecules of bubbles that's nice to pamper your body. 

And after rinsing it with water, my skin is so soft, smooth and silky fine like you just went for a scrub treatment with milky bath. I need not apply any body lotion, I only need to rejuvenate myself with aromatherapy treatment oils for my blissful sleep. I like it so much that I totally forgot to use my other luxurious body wash that's lining up for me to use everyday as it's too hard to resist the luxury touch that need not cost me a bomb at all. Try it, you'll love it!