Tuesday, July 9, 2013

SHILLS Exclusive Bright Me and Love Me Event

Shills Beauty Sdn. Bhd. is the sole authorized distributor of Taiwan’s well known skincare and cosmetic brands in Malaysia.

Thanks to Taiwan’s popular TV variety show - Ladies First that helped Shill's brands have established and well known among consumers across Asia like Malaysia and Singapore. 

SHILLS, Anosa and DOT.DOT in Malaysia was established here Malaysia since 2009. Haha...drooling sweet treats esp. the Shill's Yellow+Purple cupcakes for today's theme event but nowadays, I was not sure to attend the events or not so I was kinda late to prepare any Purple/Yellow dress for the event. Should be more cooperative next time.

The Shills exclusive event was held at Cheras Leisure Mall on the Friday afternoon, that's why I was able to attend it. But that day I was invited for another beauty event at BSC with great goody bag  and I was torn to go for both events or choose either one of the event only. 

I usually will study on the best route to travel to the events the night before, if I'm really certain to attend it as I do not wana be stuck in a jam. I chose to attend only the Shills event. Thank God, there's no traffic jam with smooth drive, reaching there on time. 

No jam, no stress, that's how I can enjoy the event with a big smile on my face. Besides pampering ourselves on the Bloop Manicure session, we get the chance to try on their latest product like the Instant Hair Removal Mousse, without having to shave it, the hair can be removed through proper cleansing.   

Soy extract,  natural and effective ingredient which stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen that forms a protective defense to keep the skin brighter, moisturized and odour free. It's also suitable for sensitive skin as mentioned.

Every woman is confronted with factors that influence her intimate environment that requires correct and appropriate care and protection in her lifetime. 

Shill's growth strategy inspired by their own vision and mission to ensure everyone can shine and define their own beauty in their own way. Shills invited us for an instant FujiFilm picture souvenir to bring back home and I took the chance to snap some using my Panasonic Lumix too.   

Not forgetting the cute girls dancing performance to start the event with a bang, as it actually symbolise the woman's personality important to us. Today's event is all about woman's beauty and vanity care. 

Underarm is one tricky part that would cause you your self-esteem. Enriched with soy extract, Bright Me Series is the ideal solution to bring back the confidence to wear sleeveless dresses once again. 

Love Me Series, lavishes the essentials of cranberries, a symbol of peace that creates the balance to strengthen the immune system and relieves skin conditions or infections, which eventually preserve the intimate beauty.

The great goodies prepared for us to try with today's highlights, the combination of Bright Me and Love me Series. Those who saw me update the Shill's event pictures on my Autumn Rhythm Album have been asking me about the event, I replied them it was a great event with full size products for us to try, women's pampering and some additional gifts during the Q & A session. You know I answered them 3.8 ph alkaline but I remembered during the presentations, the trainer mentioned 3.8 acidic.

Haha...'tersasul pulak' as I plan to get another cup of coffee there but time was 'ngam ngam hou'(just right on time) reaching there, they are starting already so I just can't escape to anywhere sesuka hati(my pleasure). The event started and ended with good presentation of their featured body care products today, shot to the point event. I have enough time to rush home and finish my daily updates for the day. Good timing for today, I'm very satisfied.

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