Tuesday, July 2, 2013

HiShop/Bloop Candy Makeup Party

The candilicious Bloop Candy Party, full of colourful and wonderful candies with sweet goodies. 

Finally got to meet Mabel from HiShop as before we only communicate 
through emails and calls. And I also confirm to come at the very last 
minute for the pm session.
Bloop offers to do a shining, shimmering 'Pink Glitter' manicure for me. Love it, 
looks like a Gel Manicure but it's the Bloop splendid finishing of shiny manicure. 
Bloop have many attractive colors to choose from and to be pamper with. 

The Bloop branch at Sunway Pyramid, Level 2. To get up close with Bloop Malaysia, check out

Mrs.Chan showing us the basic steps from the using Bloop skincare to the latest makeup tips.
I kinda enjoy her way of sharing her skills and experience as it's simple and easy to follow.   

Hands-on doing our own makeup, it's great to do it your own
as you'll get to learn and experience it yourself.

The makeup rush for candy look competition that's pushing all of us rushing for the best look.

My inspiration makeup comes from this Green Candy look. 

Wendy is one of the lucky 3 winner for the best candy look, won
RM100 HiShop shopping and there's also 3 lucky draw winners. 

The Bloggers picture with HiShop and Bloop associates. To get up close with HiShop 
online shopping, check out https://www.facebook.com/hishopmy?fref=ts

 The goodies I kept for my dear Charmers and the Bloop Gloss for beauty review. Bye for now!  

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